How long should a woman get pregnant after finishing the CT examination?Doctor gives this answer

CT and MR (magnetic resonance) are extremely commonly used in image tests, which can be used for diagnosis of multiple diseases.However, when it comes to CT and MR examinations, the keywords that jump out of everyone’s minds are mostly radiating. Therefore, most people are afraid to avoid it, especially women who want to prepare for pregnancy.Is CT and MR check really radiation?How to reduce these radiation damage to the body?

In order to make everyone scientific and more comprehensive understanding of CT and MR, family doctors interviewed the Associate Professor Li Xiangmin, deputy chief physician of the Medical Imaging Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, and he made a detailed answer.

MR inspection has no radiation, and it has not found that it has a bad impact on human health.

Associate Professor Li Xiangmin pointed out that the CT examination is radiation.However, as a relatively new type of CT machine, the radiation dose of a coronary CT examination is very low, so it will not affect human health.

At the same time, you can also do some protection during inspection. The heart is swept away. Other sensitive parts that are not swept can be wrapped and protected. Therefore, its radiation damage to the human body can be neglected.of.

Since CT is radiating, how long is it safer when women who want to get pregnant?

"According to the current theory, unless you take over a large dose of radiation damage in the short term or receive a large amount of radiation damage at one time, you must pay attention to delaying pregnancy. The so -called large amount of radiation is actually very large.dose.

Professional speaking, if you receive a dose of more than 500mgy at a time, you must consider termination of pregnancy, or it is recommended to prepare for pregnancy in two months.As for the CT inspection, there is only a few Mgy radiation volume and local protection, which is actually a small impact. "Associate Professor Li Xiangmin explained.

Therefore, women who want to prepare for pregnancy don’t have to worry too much.If necessary, please consult the doctor before performing a CT examination.

After reading the above answers to CT and MR radiation, what should patients pay attention to the cardiac CT and MR examination?

Associate Professor Li Xiangmin mentioned that if he is a heart magnetic resonance, there is basically no taboos before the inspection, and it can be based on general precautions.

In the case of CT, you need to pay attention to some matters, such as whether there are iodine allergies and drug allergies. Before testing, the patient must understand.If it is a iodine allergy, then the coronary CT is not possible.Because of the coronary CT examination, the contrasting agent of iodine is injected, which is what the patient should pay attention to.

At the same time, do not drink coffee or drugs or foods that can accelerate heart rate or excitement, which is also what patients should pay attention to.If it is severe incomplete cardiopulmonary function and kidney function, when doing CT examination, the doctor must also be informed in advance. The doctor will determine whether to do a check based on the actual situation and physical condition of the patient.At the same time, patients should temporarily stop breathing during examination. Generally, before CT examination, doctors will guide patients to do closing of air training.

Before doing CT or MR examinations, patients need to pay attention to some matters. After the examination is done, do the patients need any matter?The answer is yes.

Associate Professor Li Xiangmin pointed out that if the CT examination is performed, the patient injected a iodine -containing contrast agent. This contrasting agent is mainly excreted through the kidney. Therefore, it is recommended that after CT, the patient is best to drink more water.EssenceThere are no special attention in other aspects.

Of course, after the examination is over, the patient will sometimes be required to rest for half an hour in the CT room, because some patients will have some late allergic reactions.

Associate Professor Li Xiangmin

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