How long should folic acid be supplemented?

Folic Acid, also known as vitamin B9, is a water -soluble vitamin.It is an important nutrient for preventing defects of fetal birth. Women preparing for pregnancy or women who are during pregnancy need to supplement folic acid.

Supplementing folic acid is something that pregnant mothers pay great attention during pregnancy. So what is the usage of folic acid?

Women of childbearing age should be supplemented with 400 micromine daily from the first three months of pregnancy. The content of folic acid in folic acid tablets should be 400 micrograms.If you cannot accurately judge your situation, you must consult your doctor’s opinion.It is best to eat folic acid half an hour to one hour after breakfast. The nutrition absorption in the morning or morning is good.

Many pregnant mothers know that she wants to supplement folic acid before pregnancy, but I do n’t know when to start nourishing folic acid. How much should I eat? I do n’t know how to eat folic acid.I have been pregnant for more than 3 months, and do I still want to add folic acid?Or do you not get pregnant for three months of pregnancy, do you want to continue to eat folic acid?Regarding the supplementary time of folic acid, many pregnant women are still a little ignorant. Let’s talk today.

1. When should the supplementation of folic acid start?

It is generally recommended to replenish folic acid from three months before preparing for pregnancy. The specific dosage and category of taking can be selected according to the advice of the doctor according to their own conditions.

2. Do you need to continue to replenish?

As long as it is taken according to the normal dose, folic acid has no side effects on the human body. If the pregnancy plan is not suspended, folic acid should continue to take it.

3. Can I stop taking folic acid after pregnancy?

Early pregnancy is a critical period for the differentiation of the fetal organs and the formation of the placenta. At this time, if the lack of folic acid in the pregnant mother may cause the fetus deformity or cause early abortion.Men can stop taking folic acid after pregnancy. Women should still take it every day in the first three months.

4. Have you been pregnant for more than 3 months, do you need to continue to add?

After the second trimester, the baby has taken shape at this time, and there is no need to deliberately insist on taking folic acid every day under normal circumstances.At this time, pay attention to the nutritional balance in the diet, do a good job of pregnancy, and perform an appropriate amount of exercise every day.

Conditional pregnant women can continue to take it throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding to benefit the health and development of the fetus and newborn.Generally, you can stop eating folic acid 3 months after pregnancy.

5. Folic acid should not be supplemented with vitamin C

Folic acid is easily destroyed in an acidic environment, and is relatively stable in alkaline and neutral environments; while vitamin C and vitamin B2 and B6 are only stable in acidic environments.If you take vitamin C and vitamin B2 and B6 while supplementing folic acid, the absorption rate will be affected due to the stable environment of the two.In view of this, it is best to take more than half an hour after taking this time.

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