How long will the expectant mother respond after the successful conception?How to determine if you are pregnant?

Generally speaking, about a week after the same room on the normal ovulation day.You can detect whether there is pregnancy through urine, and it is generally recommended to use morning urine more accurate, but at this time, the fake negative rate will be relatively high.The accuracy of test strips with early pregnancy test strips is high.

2. The most common early response of expectant mothers when she was pregnant:

1.Women in childbearing age are delayed and have a history of sexual life. Menstrual delays are delayed for 10 days or more. They should be suspected as pregnancy.Memoral discontinuation may be the earliest and most important symptoms of pregnancy.(But you need to pay attention to discontinuation, not necessarily pregnancy)

2.Most women’s menopause can occur in about 6 weeks of menopause, dizziness, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, saliva, loss of appetite, dysfunction of acid or hate greasy, nausea, morning vomiting and other symptoms. Early pregnancy reactions.Early pregnancy responses disappeared by themselves than 12 weeks of pregnancy.

3.Some pregnant women may have frequent urination in the early stages of pregnancy. The frequent urination is caused by compressing the bladder in the pelvic cavity in the pelvic cavity.

4.From 8 weeks of pregnancy, breasts will gradually increase.Pregnant women’s breasts are mild and painful and nipple pain. Checking the nipples and its surrounding skin (areola) deepening, and Montessori nodules around the areola appear.

5.The changes in reproductive organs are checked at 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.It can be seen that the vaginal wall and cervix are congested and purple and blue.With the progress of pregnancy, the palace body increases and softens. When the bottom of the palace exceeds the pelvic cavity, it can be touched above the pubic bone combination.

3. What method can expectations use whether they can be pregnant?

1.Ultrasonic check: Type B ultrasound image method: It is a way to check the rapid and accurate early pregnancy.

2.Pregnancy test: Blood and urine HCG positive can help diagnose early pregnancy.Note that the morning urine test must be used. The HCG concentration in the morning urine is the highest.Note: The positive pregnancy test should be used as the sole diagnosis basis, and sometimes fake positive.In addition, blood and urine HCG testing are also positive during ectopic pregnancy and nourishing lobe cell diseases.Therefore, the medical history, signs, and ultrasound results should be combined to avoid misdiagnosis.

3.Women with a basic body temperature determine the double -phase body temperature, the high temperature phase continues to fall, and the possibility of early pregnancy is high.However, the basic body temperature curve can only reflect the function of the luteal and the embryo situation.

In summary, generally speaking, pregnant women who are sensitive to about 3 weeks of pregnancy will have early pregnancy reactions, and different people will have individual differences. Therefore, mothers during pregnancy, if menstruation delays about 10 days, be sure to test whether it is pregnant.

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