How many abortion may cause the woman infertility?


A friend was a doctor in the hospital’s gynecological majors. Sometimes several family members met together, and from time to time, she could hear her talk about some strange things in the hospital.

Some of their good friends met again some time ago. I went to eat meals in unknowingly, so that my old man heard the chat that should not be listened.Although their voice was a bit small, I was clear, and I heard some probably things.

The gynecologist said that some time ago, she took a very good and beautiful girl. She went to their hospital for abortion surgery. The girl was 18 years old and did not go to school at home.After opening a small sales department, the business is still quite good.

There are more people who usually come into contact, because they are beautiful and beautiful, and often some young men buy things in her small shop, sometimes like a group of bees, "buzzing" has been here for a long time.I met a boy in their town.

The boy is also handsome, as if the economy in the family is not bad.The two young people slowly looked at the sparks of love, then talk about it, you are willing to be, everyone is very optimistic about them, Lang talented women, and family situations are quite good.

Two people slowly live together. I do n’t know if it ’s too excited or did n’t take preventive measures. The girls are finally pregnant. Because they are young, they do n’t want children.Accompanied by people, I went to my friend and their hospital to perform abortion surgery.

After her friend, after her inspection, because her professional technology of gynecological levels is still very good, many gynecological patients come to see her to see a doctor.After the doctor’s examination, the mood was a little heavy. The family who accompanied the boy alone called it as a solemnity that if this time was done, it would be difficult to get pregnant again in the future.

The boy’s family was dumbfounded and asked the doctor what was going on?After repeatedly, let them not tell the secret before telling them the truth.My friend said that this girl not only did not only be pregnant for the first time, and repeatedly questioned it. I had had two abortion surgery before.It is a bit difficult.If surgery is treated, the chance of pregnancy is small in the future.

Ask this family who accompanies the boy, do you want to perform surgery?If you want to do surgery, you have to consider the consequences. The doctor also told them that you can also discuss it and consider whether to perform surgery before considering it.The family also said that the doctor said that you can go back to discuss before confirming it.In the end, the family never came to the hospital again, nor did they know what the last situation was.

From this incident, young people, especially young girls, must clean and love themselves, cherish their bodies, boys must be responsible, do not find stimuli everywhere, see one like one.When two people are together, we must take preventive measures to avoid accidental pregnancy, let alone the happiness of the moment, and finally lead to the pain of both sides.I hope friends can pay attention to.

Bless all friends, good health, everything goes well!IntersectionIntersection



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