How many do you know about these pregnancy test methods?

Once you are preparing to get pregnant, the unborn mothers are very sensitive to delaying menstruation. Am I pregnant?How many days can I start pregnancy testing?

The menstrual cycle of women is generally 28-30 days, and it is still a normal range for about 7 days in advance or postponed for about 7 days. The length of the cycle varies from person to person.However, if you have no menstruation after 7 days, it is delayed menstruation.Menstrual delay mainly requires two reasons for two aspects. First of all, pregnancy, secondly irregular menstruation.For women who have been preparing for pregnancy, if menstruation has been postponed for 7-10 days, it can be given priority to whether it is pregnant, but whether it can be diagnosed early or not, it is different from person to person.It is verified, and it takes 40 days to be verified for more than 40 days.HCG in the blood test is a more accurate method for pregnancy testing. Undefeated mothers can also test the pregnancy test stick (pregnancy test paper) first.

1. Pregnancy test stick (pregnancy test paper)

The pregnancy test stick is not only a early pregnancy test strip, which is fast and convenient because it is used. It is a method of pregnancy testing for many women’s preferences. The accuracy rate of testing through this method is very different, ranging from 50%to 98%.The pregnancy test stick is generally used for testing. Only one control line appears, indicating that there is no pregnancy; two lines, that is, the control line and the detection line are all color, and the detection line is clearly clear, indicating that it is pregnant; if the control line is obviously clear and clearThe detection line is very shallow, indicating that it may be pregnant.

It should be reminded that the pregnancy test stick is only a simple and rough detection, and there are many non -pregnancy factors that can lead to the test results: such as blood in the urine, the recent pregnancy, artificial abortion or fertility 8After the week, you can find HCG hormones), ovarian tumors and other diseases, taking some maternity drugs, and so on.Therefore, after detecting the positive results through the pregnancy test, you must also combine your recent symptoms. Think about whether you have nausea and vomiting, fatigue, frequent urination, breast bloating, partial food, drowsiness, etc.Self -testing tools.

2. Urine HCG examination

About one week after stopping menstruation, you can go to the hospital for urine examination. Compared with home self -test, the hospital testing should be a lot accurately. If the test results are positive, it means pregnant, and otherwise.

It should be reminded that the number of HCG in the urine can only be detected when it reaches a certain level, and if the detection time is too early, the number of HCG in the urine may not be enough to make the result positive.Therefore, this inspection will also be affected by its own HCG’s failure to meet the standard, and its accuracy fails to reach 100%.

3. Blood HCG examination

Compared with urine examination, blood tests should be more accurate. The blood test is also concerned about the concentration of HCG. From 9-11 days of fertilization, β-HCG can be measured.When you are in blood test, you can test your pregnancy.

4. B -ultrasound

This inspection is also well known to everyone, and is generally tested after 45 days of fertilization.This test directly aimed at our uterus. It is the most intuitive and accurate test method, and the accuracy rate is very high.In addition, this test can also analyze and judge the development of the fetus, the position of the placenta, and the amount of amniotic fluid, which is also the most trusted method of pregnancy testing.

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