How many IVF Bets?Be successful

With the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in diet and living environment, the incidence of infertility has increased year by year. As one of the main therapeutic programs of infertility, IVF technology has been implemented in China for more than 30 years.

It is said that IVF is like playing games constantly, so what levels do I need to pass from IVF?Is it successful?

Before entering the test tube cycle, both husband and wife need to conduct comprehensive inspection items. Through these inspections, it is feasible for IVF. If there is no problem, you need to prepare information.Three -child birth permits, set up files, and then enter the test tube cycle.

First level: Controllly over ovulation

According to the patient’s own conditions, the first doctor chose an individualized arrangement plan.

Ultra -long scheme, short -acting long scheme patient: enter the ovulation promotion cycle after reducing adjustment.

Patients with micro-stimuli, antagonists and other schemes: Enter the promotion cycle on the 1st-3th day of menstruation.

No matter what kind of plan, entering the rowing cycle generally lasts 8-14 days. During this period, drug injection is required. Do not miss the medicine!

Check the B-ultrasound and blood test regularly. Do it 4-6 days after the first medicine, and then do it once every 1-4 days.picture

Second level: night needle

After more than ten days of ovulation, when the follicles are large enough, the combination of hormones determines the injection of the ovation needle (HCG or Aize).

Third level: egg retrieval

36-38 hours after the night needle, the next morning, the woman took eggs and the man took the essence at the same time.picture

Fourth level: embryo culture

The laboratory doctor puts the successful fertilized eggs in the nutrient solution.3 days after the egg retrieval, the doctor will interpret the embryo report for everyone, and inform the next step (freezing, transplantation or a blastocyst).

Fifth level: embryo transplantation

If fresh transplantation is performed, it is generally arranged 3-5 days after egg retrieval.If the embryo is frozen, enter the frozen embryo transplantation cycle.Frozen embryonic transplantation cycle: follow -up at the time agreed by the doctor.It lasted about 10-14 days, informing the transplantation time, taking medicine in accordance with the doctor’s advice, and preparing to transplant.

Sixth level: determine pregnancy, luteal support

1. On the 14th day after transplantation, blood test (HCG, P).

2. On the 16th day after transplantation, check the blood (HCG).

3. On the 28th day after transplantation, the vaginal B -ultrasound confirmed the fetal heart.

4. 55 days after transplantation, B -ultrasound.On the 9th week after transplantation, the enclosure centers can be transferred to a regular production inspection.

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