How much do you know about accidental pregnancy?

I am pregnant unexpectedly, I think there is a drug abortion, how much do you know about the drug flow, let me take a look at the knowledge of the drug and abortion for everyone ~

Divine abortion is oral melzone with tatamo frontol to terminate the pregnancy. Mi -perterone has the effects of anticoin hormones and anticose corticosteroids. Masso the front alcohol has the effect of excited uterus and softening cervix. Take a simple example.If the rice is too dry to stick to the bottom of the pot, use the water soaking to make the rice better out of the bottom of the pot.Exclusive, this is the mechanism of drug abortion. Generally, oral meltan will not cause much danger. Generally, some people may have a little vaginal bleeding. HoweverThe hospital can take the medicine only with the care of the doctor. Orally the first alcohol of Miso will cause abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding to increase, and then there will be a meat-like tissue discharge.There are velvet, and there are not many bleeding, so I am very happy ~

After the surgery of the drug and centers, it usually does not exceed 10 days. If the vaginal bleeding is not endless, you must go to the hospital to check the B -ultrasound to see if there is a residual moltic tissue in the uterine cavity.As a result of infection, big bleeding, etc.

So, what are the suitable people in the drug and centers: 1. Pregnant women with pregnancy ≤ 49 days and 40 years old; 2. B -ultrasound are determined to be pregnancy in the uterus;Psychological; 4. High -risk factors of artificial abortion, such as scar uterus, lactation, dysplasia of cervical development or severe pelvic deformities.Of course, there are not a small number of artificial abortion within half a year after cesarean section. However, the risk of uterine perforation and bleeding in this patient with artificial abortion is very large. Therefore, the drug abortion is relatively safe.

The above is my knowledge of drug flow for everyone. I hope that everyone will gain something after reading it. However, the important point is that if women who do not plan to pregnancy must pay attention to contraception, whether it is the risk of drug flow or artificial abortion, it is very risky.It may cause endometrial damage, cause menstruation disorders, uterine adhesion, amenorrhea, infertility, etc. Pay attention to protection is important ~

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