How much is the probability of pregnancy after a ligation of ligation?If you want a second child, you may wish to see it

Many ligated female friends will choose to restore their fertility by ligation and resumption. Today, Xiaobian will understand how much pregnancy is the probability of pregnancy after the women’s ligation and resumption?If you want a second child, you may wish to see it.

What is the probability of pregnancy after ligation and reciprocating?

Loeling and compatibility are safer, and there are very few postoperative complications.As for how much the probability of pregnancy after surgery is, this is related to the age, physical condition, physical condition, and during ligation, the condition of the fallopian tubes during the operation, the level of surgery, and postoperative care.Loel ligation and compound surgery requires higher surgical skills.Doctors’ technology is the most critical factor affecting the success rate of surgery.There are almost hundreds of technical doctors, and the poor doctors may be overwhelmed.

There are currently two types of ligation and resume -type, namely fallopian tube conformity and tubal cottage implantation.What kind of surgical method is determined by the doctor based on the falling egg tube during surgery.

Generally speaking, ligament uses tubal sync, and about 40%-95%of people can get pregnant after surgery.The drug adhesive person uses the tubal uterine corner implantation.The probability of pregnancy after surgery is 40%-80%.Of course, because the fallopian tubes may be narrow after surgery, there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy.But this opportunity is very low, generally less than 1%.

After the doctor’s examination, the person who believes that the surgery can be performed can be surgery within 3-10 days after menstruation.If the abdominal operation is performed directly, it is about 10 days of hospitalization; if the laparoscopic examination is required first, the cost will be slightly higher.After surgery, it is forbidden. After the first menstrual period of the operation, it will return to the hospital for fallopian tubal liquid at 3-7 days. If the fallopian tubes are unobstructed, the transitional tube syndrome can live a sexual life a few days later.Those who are translated by the tubal palace corner must be contraceptive for three months before they can get pregnant.

After the ligation of women, the tubal can resume fertility

After the fallopian tube ligation, some women need to re -pregnancy for various reasons (such as accidental casualties or remarriage, second child, etc.), which can be pushed by tubal tubes, re -connect the fallopian tubes to restore fertility.

Some people will confuse the tubal regeneration and fallopian tubal liquid (commonly known as water) together.In fact, the two are completely different surgery.Donatal liquid is a way to check whether the fallopian tubes are unobstructed during inspection for infertile patients.During the operation, the liquid is injected from the cervical mouth to the uterine cavity. If the liquid can be injected smoothly and unimpeded, the fallopian tube is unobstructed, otherwise it may not be unobstructed or blocked. This examination does not need to be undergoing abdominal surgery.Vollaration is a method of re -connecting ligated fallopian tubes by opening abdominal surgery.

If it is a small -scale fallopian tube ligation and scheme, before performing resume surgery, you can use laparoscopic examination to evaluate the feasibility of the operating operating.If the fallopian tube is severely edema deforms and the length is less than 4 cm or the umbrella is removed, it is necessary to abandon the tubal microstne.When the doctor performs a tubal ligation and resume surgery, the two ends of the ligation at the ligation at the ligation are removed, and then the internal tube on both sides will be aligned, and the sewing is 4 to 8 stitches with fine stitching.In addition, the ligations of the fallopian tube, the degree of edema destruction, the diameter of the tubal tube on both ends, the remaining fallopian tube length, and the ability to perform micro -surgery operation of the surgeon are the main causes of the key success or failure that affects the success of the operation.Patients should regularly receive tubal examinations after the fallopian tube ligation and resume surgery. If there is still fallopian tube edema or obstruction, IVF should try to try to get pregnant.

In order to better perform tubal ligations and ensure its safety, female friends should understand the entire surgery before surgery, especially to understand that the tubal ligation and resume surgery is suitable for the crowd to avoid the disadvantage of surgery to themselves.Influence.

The suitable population and indications of surgery are:

1. Women’s menstrual period must be ruled, ovarian ovulation function is good, so that tubal ligation and compatibility can be considered.

2. In addition, the surgery should also pay attention to diseases that are not suitable for pregnancy.

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