How to calculate the pregnancy week after pregnancy?It turns out that so many pregnant mothers are confused!

For pregnant mothers, the calculation of the gestational week is particularly important. It is not good, and it is possible to make a joke during the checkup.Xiaowan was 3 months pregnant. When she went to build a file, the doctor asked her how long she had been pregnant. She said she was three months, but the doctor looked at the fetus on the B -ultrasound.I ca n’t say why, because menstruation is not too regular, and Xiaowan did not remember his last menstruation.According to the inspection of Xiaowan’s file, the doctor finally corrected the weeks of the pregnancy for 14 weeks. You need to do NT examination immediately. If you miss it, you can only wait for the Tang family to screen in the middle of the pregnancy.Many pregnant mothers do not know what the gestational week is in the initial inspection of the file. It is corrected by the doctors’ examination results in most. In fact, the calculation of the gestational week is not so difficult.

In October, a fetal cell refers to a fertilized egg cells in the uterus and finally divided into a complete fetus after 280 days. This is a magical process.It refers to the start of the first day of the mothers’ last menstruation. The growth time of the fetus in the uterus is 280 days, which is 40 weeks.Medically, the pregnancy time is calculated from the fertilized eggs in the uterus, that is, from the initial fertilized egg to the final delivery, about 266 days, that is, 38 weeks.The calculation due period uses the "Negler method", and the pregnant mother’s last menstrual tide+40 weeks.28 days of pregnancy for one month and 280 days for ten months. This is a standard ten -month menstrual cycle.However, the fetus is not born on the first day of the last menstrual period. Only 4%of pregnant mothers will be produced on the day of the due date, and about 70%of the production within ten days before and after the due date.Therefore, the clinical weeks of pregnancy are different from the actual pregnancy weeks, usually about two weeks.As long as the babies born at 38 weeks are full moon.

balanced diet

After pregnancy, due to the growing needs of the fetus, pregnant mothers need to supplement enough nutrition, and they must have a reasonable diet in their diet. They are mainly light. Do not be too sweet and bitter. Try to choose easy -to -digest foods.Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, and eggs are essential during pregnancy.

Continuous exercise

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother usually chooses to stay in bed for the rest of the fetus because the fetus is worried about the safety of the fetus. In fact, for the fetus and the pregnant mother, the necessary exercise can speed up the speed of childbirth and reduce the risk of miscarriage.It is necessary to combine the body’s physical condition in combination with the pregnancy of the pregnancy weeks and the pregnant mother’s own physical condition, and to do pregnancy, slow walking, walking, and health care during pregnancy.

Digital movement

Under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers who are pregnant 18 to 20 weeks can obviously feel the fetal movement, and the fetal movement is particularly amazing.With the increase of the gestational week, the frequency and strength of the fetal movement will also be strengthened. The fetal movement in the middle of pregnancy is normal at 3 times per hour 3 times, 30 ~ 40 words per hour, and some fetuses are more lively, and the number of fetal movements may reach more than 100 times.If the fetal movement occurs significantly or decreases, the pregnant mother should be more vigilant, and the fetal movement should be medically doctor immediately for more than 2 hours.

Timing inspection

Everyone’s conception time is different, so the childbirth time will also be deviated, but the pregnant mothers can communicate more with the doctor during the birth checkup to correct the pregnancy week through the pregnancy check -ups to accurately understand the development of the fetus. If 42 weeks of pregnancy,Pregnant mothers are expired pregnancy and need to be intervened in medical means.

So it is very important to calculate the pregnancy week during pregnancy. Are pregnant mothers clear?

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