How to choose a medical examination item?

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1. The more frequent the physical examination is, the better.

2. Active physical examination, not waiting for the unit arrangement.

3. There are no bad medical examination items, only those who are not suitable for package meals.

4. Change passiveness is active, and "package" is personalization is the best solution for physical examination.

Medical examination has become a lifestyle of modern people, such as the medical examination, entry medical examination, and regular medical examinations of each year.

For the discovery of the disease, the physical examination is of course functional, which is undoubted.If you check it once a day, you can definitely find the disease the most in a timely manner, but this is obviously unrealistic.People try to discover diseases as soon as possible, and reduce time, economy and even physical consumption, but in fact, the balance between the two is the purpose of the physical examination.

However, at this stage, the medical examination has become a "fragrant" in the medical field with extremely low thresholds and great profits.You will often see a depth medical examination package worth 888 yuan, a luxury physical examination package of 1888 yuan, a luxury physical examination package of 3888 yuan, and 8888 yuan supreme body check package.

Can these "luxury" medical examination packages really bring health?How long should I get a physical examination?Which medical examination items are the most valuable?

Seeking the balance of discovery of diseases and time and money as soon as possible is the purpose of physical examination | Tuwa creativity

Which medical examination items should be avoided?

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1. Tumor logo detection

The sensitivity and specificity of most tumor logo detection are not high enough.The index is abnormal does not mean that there must be tumors, and the indicators are normal and cannot be sure that there is no tumor.

Tumor logo testing is usually one of the examination items of suspected cancer patients, or it is used to monitor the development of cancer patients.For conventional medical examinations, this test is basically meaningless.

2. Gene screening cancer

There is a genetic test for ordinary people on the market, claiming that "a drop of saliva can screen cancer.It is not recommended to use it as a conventional medical examination item.

Gene testing can only indicate whether a person has genetic variations related to cancer, but at present we can clearly determine that there are not many genetic variation -related genetic mutations.Yes, the risk of cancer is not necessarily clear; no, it cannot exclude the possibility of cancer.

High -risk people with family genetic history, such as the famous American actor Angelina Jolie, can judge the risk of cancer by detecting specific genes, so as to ask doctors to provide preventive plans.But for friends who do not exist in the history of family genetics, such testing is purely spending money.

3. Trace element detection

This test does not accurately reflect the level of trace elements in the body.In addition, as long as the diet is balanced and sick, pay attention to supplementing, children generally do not lack trace elements.

As early as 2013, the former National Health and Family Planning Commission (now the National Health and Health Commission) has clearly stipulated that it is not appropriate to test the trace element as a census project for medical examinations;EssenceThe institution that still provides this test is only one purpose -make more money.

4. Use X -ray chest tablets to check cancer

When fever, cough, and suspicion of lung infection, X -ray chest tablets are a simple and practical way of examination.But if X -ray chest tablets are used as conventional medical examination items, it is not so wise to check cancer.

In fact, the diagnosis rate of early lung cancer is relatively high.This is because there are a large part of the chest chest tablet. The lungs, heart, and mediastinal tissue coincide together, so it is not easy for doctors to see early lesions.

5. Positive electronic launch computer tomography

"A check-up seeing the lesion of your whole body" is a propaganda that the medical examination agency often uses when recommending a positive electronic launch computer tomography (PET-CT).

PET-CT can be said to be one of the highest-end medical imaging diagnostic equipment in the world, which is of great significance to cancer’s staging, metastasis recurrence, and guidance of tumor prognosis evaluation and treatment plan.However, its role in conventional physical examination is not great.

According to statistics from the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army (301 Hospital), PET-CT screens the proportion of malignant tumors in healthy people is only 1.3%, and the probability is very low.Therefore, experts generally believe that PET-CT is not suitable for ordinary medical examination items.

As for why many institutions recommend this inspection, it is because PET-CT often costs nearly 10,000 yuan.

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Which medical examination items should be selected

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Now more and more people have begun to pay attention to health, and with the consciousness of regular physical examinations, this is a good thing.If you can learn more on such a health consciousness, it is better to avoid being fooled by the unscrupulous medical examination!

In fact, many completely standardized unit medical examination packages are not suitable for everyone.It is best to consult the advice of a professional doctor based on your specific situation before the medical examination.For example, the following types of people can appropriately increase the inspection items suitable for them with the advice of a specialist.

1. 10 to 18 -year -old adolescent

In general, the incidence of various diseases of young people is lower than children and middle -aged and elderly people.If you are a bit obese, remember to do a B -ultrasound for liver and gallbladder and spleen to see if there are fatty liver; if you are short, you can check the endocrine hormone and do the pituitary magnetic resonance examination;Symptoms of hand numbness, it is recommended to do the cervical spine X -ray flat tablet or magnetic resonance examination.

2. Adult women

Women aged 20 to 39 are recommended to check the breasts once every 3 years, including observation and touch outside the breast; women over 40 years of age recommend checking the breast molybdenum target once a year;Women are recommended to check B -ultrasound once a year.

In addition, it is recommended that female friends aged 21 to 65 check the liquid -based cytology (TCT) for the cervical liquid -based cytology (TCT) every 3 years, or do human papilloma virus (HPV) and TCT testing (before the age of 30 before the age of 30Women can only do TCT).

3. High -risk people with kidney disease

Direct relatives suffer from kidney disease or have chronic nephritis, proteinuria, hypertension, diabetes, eyelid edema, blood urine, less urine, anorexia, etc., which are high -risk people with kidney disease.During physical examinations, it is recommended to monitor blood pressure, blood creatinine, miniuruelin, and kidney ultrasound examination.

4. High -risk people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

The characteristics of such people are: smoking and drinking, heavy taste, salt, often dizzy, headache, direct relatives suffering from cardiovascular disease.During physical examinations, it is recommended to increase the risk of cervical ultrasound, same cysteine testing, etc. to evaluate the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

5. High -risk people in diabetes

Direct relatives suffer from diabetes. I have suffered from gestational diabetes, coronary heart disease, obesity, and hypertension. I often feel thirsty, drink more, urinate more, eat more but lose weight, etc. This kind of people belong to high -risk people with diabetes.It is recommended to increase blood glucose in the physical examination, 2 hours of blood sugar testing after meals, sugar tolerance tests, glycated hemogenetic protein and serum insulin testing.

6. High -risk people in lung cancer

The characteristics of high -risk groups of lung cancer are: age ≥55 years, smoking ≥30 pack year A, and not exceeding 15 years; age ≥ 50 years, smoking ≥20 pack years, and additional risk of lung cancer, such as family history, occupation, occupationHistory of contact.This kind of group is recommended to do a low -dose chest CT examination once a year, which is safer and effective than doing ordinary chest tablets.

Different populations can consult the advice of professional doctors according to their own specific circumstances to increase the medical examination items | Tuwa Creative

How long should it take for a physical examination

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Many health policy experts support the medical examination once a year because the operability of this is relatively strong.However, after a careful review of several large -scale studies, people have found that the medical examinations have no effect on health results in these years.In other words, watching a doctor once a year may not make you not get sick, and it will not even allow you to live longer.

In addition, there are billions of people around the world, and such a large -base regular medical examination is also very shocking for the waste of medical resources.If these resources are used for patients with symptoms, the promotion of the health level of the crowd will be more obvious.

At this stage, most of the medical examinations are still passive.In China, in recent years, there have even been commercial propaganda for old human examination items.Please note that the gift body test is turned into a kind of filial piety, and the old man is passively accepting, whether there is a condition in the body.When the children were sent, they went to the medical examination;This obviously and actively grasping the concept of your own health is running counter.However, changing the existing physical examination status needs to start with the changes in the health education and concepts of the whole people.

Actively feel the physical problem and seek help at any time, it seems to be the ideal physical examination method in the future.Whether it is medical examination items or medical examination time, personalization is the direction we should pursue.Once a year, the project is fixed. Although it is convenient to operate, it is definitely not the best way.Change passiveness is active, and "package" is the best solution for medical examinations.

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Knowledge Small Capsule

About the common sense of medical examination you should know

1. Although there are now some private medical examination institutions that are particularly good service, large -scale public hospitals are still the first choice for medical examinations. After all, doctors there are knowledgeable and experienced.

2. Do not eat too greasy the night before the physical examination, do not drink alcohol, do not exercise vigorously. If you are ready to do gynecological examinations, try to avoid the life of husband and wife.Because these behaviors may bring errors to the results of the physical examination, leading to abnormal indicators, causing unnecessary worry.

3. Do not eat after 10 pm, but drinking some water is okay, which will not affect the results of the medical examination.Some chronic diseases need to take medicine, and the medicine can continue to take it; if you take short -acting contraceptives, you don’t need to stop.

4. Go early on the morning of the medical examination, because the medical examination center, especially large public hospitals, is absolutely overcrowded.The examination like blood drawing is over at 10:30, and it can not be done in the afternoon, and can only wait until the next day.

5. The first thing to reach the medical examination center is to line up the B -ultrasound team, first go to the ranking, just wait for the title.The B -ultrasound detection is the slowest, and one person must do at least a few minutes.

6. The second thing is to draw blood, so you can drink some water and eat something.

Although the B -ultrasound of the hepatobilia, the spleen, stomach and the stomach and intestines requires not to eat or drink in principle, a little bit of things will not have a big impact on the B -ultrasound doctor. They distinguish whether the things in the stomach are food or tumor.

7. Although the anal fingering can find many early rectal diseases, most people will give up the examination.You are not the only one to give up the inspection.If you have long -term constipation, diarrhea, blood stool, etc., it is recommended to do this test.

8. Unmarried women do not do gynecological examinations. Unmarried women here are women who have no sexual life.If you are worried about this problem, you can ask to do it, or go to the obstetrics of the obstetrics department for detailed examination.

9. Don’t conceal the problems raised by the doctor.There are so many patients in the hospital every day, and they will not care about your private life. On the contrary, some wrong information will mislead the doctor.

For example, if you are pregnant, you must tell the doctor, otherwise you can make a radiation chest tablet may make you worry about the whole pregnancy.

10. I do n’t know what items for medical examinations, and do n’t be bluffed by the package of the medical examination center. Sometimes the expensive ones are not necessarily good.

11. Blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, can be measured everywhere; most of the issues of the five officials and dental departments, most of them have already counted them.

12. If the results of the medical examination are abnormal, remember to review it, or take a further consultation.If you really feel that you have any problems, remember to go to a specialty for a specialty, you cannot rely on the physical examination.

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