How to confirm whether you are pregnant and what will happen to the early pregnancy?

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First, the breast becomes larger, easy to be sensitive

One or two weeks of pregnancy, the level of females and progesterone in the body rises. Under their common stimuli, the pregnant mother will feel the breasts, sourness, bigger, and become more sensitive and tender.

Tips: If this happens, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. This is a normal reaction. At this time, choosing a soft and suitable underwear will make you feel much more comfortable.

Second, it is more sensitive to odor

In the early pregnancy, the smell will become very sensitive. The taste of unknowing it is usually uncomfortable. If you smell it when you are pregnant, you will feel unpleasant. If the pregnant mother suddenly becomes very sensitive to the smell, then it is necessary to consider whether it is pregnant.Because this signs may be due to rapid increased estrogen in the pregnant mother.

Tips: If you usually feel unpleasant smell, you suddenly feel unpleasant. The dishes you usually like to eat will suddenly make you feel norm. This is normal, and it will not be over during pregnancy.

Third, the changes in the body temperature of the body

Generally, the normal basic body wet of girls is a two -way curve, that is, the low before ovulation, the increase after ovulation, and the decrease of the menstrual tide near the menstrual period;For more than 18 days, then this situation must be considered whether it is pregnant.

Tips: If there is a pregnant mother who measures the base temperature, you can know whether you are pregnant from changes in body temperature.

Fourth, a significant loss of appetite

Pregnancy will occur in the early pregnancy, and appetite will decrease significantly, mainly because the speed of gastric emptying will slow down.Generally, this situation will appear after one month of pregnancy, but it also varies from person to person. Some people will not vomit from pregnancy to childbirth, but most of them will cause pregnancy and loss of appetite.

Tips: Subject to pregnancy and loss of appetite, because a classmate I know, from pregnancy to childbirth, is more eaten and has never been pregnant.

Fifth, implant bleeding

Generally, around 11-12 days after conception, when the pregnant mother finds that when she misses her menstrual period, some pregnant mothers will have a small amount of vaginal bleeding.This vaginal bleeding may be caused by the rich blood flow at the endometrium of fertilized eggs and the rupture of individual blood vessels.

Tips: The amount of bleeding in implanted bleeding is very small, manifested as some red blood spots, or pink, red brown brown spots, which will last about one or two days.If the amount of bleeding is large, especially accompanied by pain, you must go to the hospital for treatment, because this may be a sign of ectopic pregnancy.

Six, drowsiness, headache, dizziness

Some pregnant mothers have dizziness and headaches before they find that they are pregnant. This is related to the elevation of progesterone levels in the body. It may also be caused by low -study sugar, or inadequate intake or anemia.I always feel that I do n’t sleep enough, I always feel sleepy.

Small posts: If there are symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections such as chills, fever, sore throat, runny nose, etc., similar to "cold", this is an immune response of the "alien" in the embryo, the mother of childbearing age, if there is no contraception, the childcare ageBe sure to consider whether you are pregnant, do not take medicine without any fear.And it is normal to sleep during pregnancy.

After reading the above, whether there is a consistency? If you have it, you must pay attention to add more hearts. Don’t use the medicine. I wish you all a good pregnancy and a healthy baby.Friends who like it can pay attention to me, there will be more pregnancy articles in the future

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