How to deal with the troubles of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Doctors will support you and teach you a few tricks to "catch" to run it

Pregnant women are a relatively high chance of developing hemorrhoids. As the fetus increases, the uterus will increase, which will be hindered by blood flow. The uterus is compressed and the blood is stagnant.If the hemorrhoids during pregnancy have not been improved for a long time, it will cause anemia to varying degrees, which will affect the normal development of the fetus. In addition, the gastrointestinal motility during pregnancy is slow, and constipation often occurs.Poisoning.

Pregnant women’s hemorrhoids are slightly conservative, but they must be used with caution and prevent it. Do not eat stimulating foods such as pepper and pepper to avoid sitting for a long time and perform anal movement.For severe hemorrhoids, drugs are required under the professional guidance of a doctor, and drugs are selected according to specific conditions.

Hemorrhoids are a common disease that is easy to recur, because hemorrhoids are the anal pads of the origin, and the normal structure of the human body will have physiological functions. The characteristics of hemorrhoids are characteristics, self -healing, and self -limiting.It is very common in life.

Whether hemorrhoids can be pregnant need to look at the specific situation of pregnant women. Generally speaking, most human hemorrhoids will occasionally bleed or have a little skin, which can not be treated without special treatment, which will not have any impact on pregnancy.However, hemorrhoids are as large as a certain degree, and each stool will fall off. You need to go back with your hands, but sometimes you get rid of it.During pregnancy, pay attention to prevention of minor hemorrhoids, and need to be treated in a timely manner for severe hemorrhoids.

Regardless of whether a normal person is a pregnant woman or a long postpartum hemorrhoids, the principle of treatment is that symptoms of hemorrhoids are targeted at treatment, and there is no symptoms without treatment.Usually prevention, pay attention to staying up late, drinking, not eating spicy, keeping the stool smooth, the shorter the stool time, the better, avoid constipation or diarrhea.

If hemorrhoids have symptoms, you must first expose the induced factors to prevent the disease from further aggravating and avoid the symptoms.Pregnant women need to choose with hemorrhoids. Some hemorrhoids contain musk, and musk has an oxytic effect. For example, Ma Yinglong hemorrhoid cream, pregnant women are disabled. Therefore, pregnant women pay attention to the use of drugs, focus on prevention, and treat conservative principles.

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