How to deal with Xiaosan pregnancy insisting on the original match?How to use derailed men to separate third parties

This case was a derailed case received by Lan Fang at the beginning of the year. When Ms. Li first came to Lan Fang, Xiaosan was pregnant.

Ms. Li has been in love with her husband for five years. At eleven last year, she received a marriage certificate. I originally planned to hold a wedding during the New Year.

As a result, the marriage certificate suddenly changed. It was not long after receiving the marriage.

However, there was no time to prepare for the wedding. After discussing with Ms. Li, the two were postponed to the marriage, and Ms. Li’s husband directly had the country.

She went to her husband to be very busy.

I didn’t expect her husband to find someone during the Chinese New Year. Ms. Li’s mother and Ms. Li said, anyway, you are going to see him,

Ms. Li sent a message to her husband the next day that she went to her husband on the same day until she was about to reach her husband’s bedroom, and her husband returned the news.

Asked why Ms. Li suddenly came, Ms. Li said that she came to see him. Her husband asked where Ms. Li was. Ms. Li was already downstairs.

Ms. Li went downstairs Ms. Li, Ms. Li entered her husband’s bedroom. Her husband was not enthusiastic, but she was not cold. Ms. Li didn’t think much.

Until she found a suitcase under her husband’s bedroom bed, inside the clothes and cosmetics of various ladies, and even toothbrushes and teeth.

She immediately understood that her husband was derailed and lived with Xiao San here.

These primary three did not have time to take away. She even knew that she could not even find it.

So she did not have an attack immediately, but said that she had to go home for a day early. After her husband sent her to the airport, she saved her luggage and followed his husband to return to her husband’s residence all the way.

As a result, she saw the Primary Three who was waiting over there. She rushed directly and hit the young and derailed men and said they would divorce.

Later, Ms. Li learned about the situation. The third is her colleague of her husband, five years older than her husband, and unmarried.

It didn’t take long for her husband to get together with her husband, and the Primary Three took the initiative, saying that she would not destroy his marriage.

When the derailed man returned to the previous place, the two broke up, and the derailed man was derailed without resisting the temptation.

After the derailed man was discovered, he performed very guilty. Various kinds of Ms. Li forgive me. Ms. Li was originally reluctant to have so many years of feelings.

And she thinks her husband still goes home in less than a year, and he can definitely be cleaned with Xiaosan, so choose to forgive the derailed man.

But what made her unexpected was that at the beginning of the year, her husband told her that Xiao San was pregnant and insisted that she had to have a child.

What derailed men is willing to be an unmarried mother. The child does not need derailed men to raise, and will not threaten the derailed man.

However, the derailed man was very disturbed. On the one hand, he felt that he had to be responsible for the child of Primary Three.

Ms. Li didn’t know what to do with this situation, so she chose to find Lanfang for help.

In the event of derailment, Xiaosan’s pregnancy, the first thing to do is to think about, why is Xiao San pregnant and what is the purpose of being pregnant?

The primary three that Ms. Li encountered is obvious that for the sake of the upper position, the derailment man divorced and married herself.

Older unmarried women, actively do a primary three for a man who has just knew it for long, still know that if people have a wife, they still know that they have a wife.

Obviously it is not for love, but for the upper position. Primary Three is a colleague of a man who derailed.

A man who has a good development and good conditions in all aspects, his wife is still around, has become the goal of this primary three.

But Primary Three should not expect that Ms. Li would come here to find the man, or suddenly attacked.

After knowing that the derailed man seemed to be panicked, he urged Xiaosan to hide quickly, and put all the things of Xiaosan into the Li Box.

Through the derailed man’s response, Primary Three saw the attitude of derailed men, and the derailed man preferred his wife.

And the derailed man can only stay here for one year. In the year of the third year, he cannot grasp the heart of the derailed man.

Therefore, Xiao San started to do dangerous recruitment, and to force the man through pregnancy. In fact, this also proves that the derailed man’s attitude towards Primary Three, Primary Three’s own mentality.

According to Ms. Li’s situation, Lan Fang suggested that Ms. Li started from the derailed man to solve the problem of Primary Three.

First of all, you must not let Xiaosan give birth to a child. Then you must let the small three take the initiative to give up. If you want to give up the Primary Three, you must let the small three pair of the upper position.

Whether Xiao Sanneng can give up his position depends on the attitude of a derailed man. Now the derailed man’s attitude is hesitant, which is not conducive to Ms. Li.

Therefore, Ms. Li needs to communicate with a derailed man, because the derailed man has decided to separate from the Primary Three before.

At this time, the original match could not overly blame the derailed men. Do not push the derailed man to Primary Three. Instead, let the derailed men abandon the child of Primary Three and Primary Three through weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

For example, the career of a derailed man, in order to promote the external adjustment, if the company knows that the extramarital affairs of the employees are still born during the external adjustment period, the result can be imagined.

At the same time, the reputation of the derailed man. Although the two did not hold a wedding as scheduled, they have notified friends and relatives.

Therefore, the relatives and friends of the derailed men know that the derailed men delay their marriage due to external adjustment, and the derailment will be affected by the public.

In addition, Xiao San said that he would raise himself. If Xiao San regretted it later, and the derailed man was in trouble, the man was in a difficult situation.

Derailed men obviously attach great importance to their careers and good face, so it is easy for Ms. Li to persuade the derailed men.

Secondly, according to the personality of a derailed man, you may not be nostalgic for Xiao San, but you have a child, but you have a child, but you have any children, but you have a child, but you have any children.

Therefore, Lan Fang suggested that the original match and derailment man said that he did not need to force him to force a child, so that the derailed man might not do it.

Instead, it is firm and a small three that he cannot divorce, and he will not marry Xiao San’s position.

You can tell the derailed men that these are all primary three.

This will not cause derailed men’s solutions, and the sympathy for Primary Three can also achieve the purpose of the original match.

In the end, if Xiao San choose not to children, Lan Fang suggested that Ms. Li spent some money to hire Xiaosan to take care of Xiao San,

Many people may say, why?Why did the original match spend money to take care of her,

The answer is very simple. In order to use the troubled afterwards, if you do n’t find someone to take care of, Xiaosan will find the track of the orbit.

Poor pity and say that I do n’t want your children, I ca n’t do it now. Can the derailed men not see her?

You spend thousands of dollars, cut off the road of Xiao San directly, and raise the body for Xiao San. Derailed men will not feel guilty of Xiao San.

I don’t need to take care of Xiaosan. Lan Fang thinks that these thousands of dollars are worth spending, and the original match is dripping.

It is also a deterrent to Xiaosan. She feels that Ms. Li is not easy to deal with, and the derailed man is unwilling to continue with herself.

She is naturally more dead -hearted and will not continue to entangle derailed men. This extramarital affairs will be completely resolved.

At the end of the text, Lan Fang wanted to say that although it was difficult to deal with the situation of derailment, although it was difficult to deal with it, it was not impossible to deal with it.

The point is whether the original match can find the correct method to deal with it. In addition

As long as you can completely separate Primary School and achieve the purpose you want, it is worthy of your efforts.

If you are derailed and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Lanfang and talk about your situation in private.

I am Lanfang, an emotional mentor who tells the truth.

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