How to drink coffee more scientific?Doctor: Don’t be too much, don’t be too anxious

Coffee is a good medicine for many young jobs, but for the matter of drinking coffee, Li Chunyan, a doctor of digestive medicine in Chongqing West District Hospital, reminded not to drink too much or drink too much.Because of too much coffee to drink too much in the emergency room.

Not long ago, a hospital had admitted such cases.It is understood that after drinking 8 cups of coffee on an empty stomach, the patient was stiff and unable to move on the high -speed road, and accompanied by symptoms such as acceleration of heart rate and acceleration of heartbeat, and life danger occurred.Fortunately, it was found that the traffic police were helped in the first time, and they were sent to the hospital in time to turn the insurance.

So, what is the principle of coffee refreshing?How to drink it correct?Who is not suitable for drinking?

The working principle of caffeine in the brain

According to Li Chunyan, the role of caffeine is actually blocking the reception of fatigue signal substances.When people are tired, they will tell the brain through a signal substance called adenohide, letting the brain know "I am tired", and the more tired adenosine the substances.The role of caffeine is to bind to the adenosine receptor to block the transmission information, which is equivalent to preventing the normal combination of adenosine and receptor, so that the brain cannot receive signals passed by fatigue substances, and it will not feel tired.

Why is sometimes sleepy but not used?

Sometimes caffeine can help refresh, but sometimes there is no effect at all. Why?To sum up, there are several reasons:

Drinking late: When adenosine and receptor have been combined, the caffeine is not meaningful at this time to prevent them from stopping them.

Drink too much: Drinking coffee often produces antibodies, which resists the role of caffeine.Just like drinking alcohol often can resist alcohol, often taking a medicine will produce drug resistance.

Fast metabolism: Some people have a strong metabolic function, and even more coffee will quickly discharge from the body. For such people, drinking coffee is just equivalent to "quenching thirst".

When is it the best time to drink?

Drink coffee after meals

Half an hour after eating, this time is the best time to drink coffee in the day.Therefore, drinking coffee at this time can promote the digestion of food in the stomach and reduce the burden on the stomach.

Drink coffee before exercise

Drinking coffee within half an hour before exercise is conducive to the burning of body fat during exercise.Since coffee enters the human body, it can speed up the metabolic effect, and the heat consumed by the body has also increased.

Drink coffee in tiredness

Many people will find that in a period of time, the body is still tired. At this time, you can drink a cup of coffee refreshing.

Generally speaking, drinking a cup of coffee can play a 4 -hour refreshment.Therefore, it is best not to drink coffee in the evening to avoid affecting sleep.

Wine and coffee should not drink at the same time

After drinking alcohol, alcohol will be absorbed by the digestive system quickly, and then enter the blood circulation system, which can directly damage myocardial cells, affect the energy metabolism of myocardial cells, weaken myocardial function, increase the burden on the heart, and cause coronary blood supply disorders, which is prone to arrhythmia.Nothing.

If you drink coffee after drinking, the brain will turn the brain from extreme suppression to extreme excitement, stimulate vascular dilation, accelerate blood circulation, increase the burden on the cardiovascular, and even induce high blood pressure. If you add emotional excitement, tension, dangerousness, dangerousnessIt will be bigger.Therefore, drinking coffee after drinking is a higher chance to induce myocardial infarction.

Who is not suitable for coffee?

Patients with sleep disorders;

People with panic and anxiety;

Cross -hearted people;

Patients with iron deficiency anemia;

Stomach acid reflux patients;

Patients with intestinal syndrome are easy to syndrome;

Pregnant woman;


Pay attention to calcium supplement for long -term drinking coffee

Coffee’s diuretic effect will accelerate the excretion of calcium in the body. Not only that, coffee also contains oxalic acid, which can bind to calcium and affect calcium absorption.Therefore, people who drink coffee for a long time and insufficient calcium intake on weekdays will increase the risk of osteoporosis. Do not forget to supplement calcium while drinking coffee.

If you drink coffee, insomnia, anxiety, trembling, uncomfortable stomach, increased heart rate, headache, nausea and irritability, etc., it means that it may exceed the amount of tolerance and should be adjusted appropriately.(Supply of Chongqing West District Hospital)

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