How to eat after pregnancy: Pay attention to the 4 major diet principles, there are only 2 categories that should be avoided

The focus of diet during pregnancy is abundant species, not large.

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In October, it is basically the happiest and most torment of each pregnant mother.

The happiness is that I am about to be a mother. Over time, the child is approaching; what is torment is that every pregnant mother will not live easily throughout the pregnancy. In addition to various pregnancy reactions, the diet is also a threshold for a threshold.Essence

What can be eaten, how to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, and so on. It is a matter of attention. Just a diet, it is enough for pregnant mothers to drink a pot.

But in fact, you really need to pay attention to so many details during pregnancy. Is it so strict?not necessarily.Let’s talk about the principles of diet during pregnancy today.

People are omnivorous animals, and pregnant women are certainly no exception.Therefore, even during pregnancy, the key to diet is "miscellaneous".Can’t say what the doctor recommends you to eat, what you eat, nothing else.

This is not called a doctor’s order, this is stupid.

Generally speaking, the food recommended by doctors is large types of nutrients, and the demand for pregnancy is large. For example, milk, this is a very suitable drink during pregnancy, and foods such as fish, shrimp, eggs, and other foods.High -quality protein and trace elements.

But if the doctor told you to drink milk, he didn’t mention anything else. Some institutions let pregnant women drink a liter of milk a day. You can’t drink it at all.Drink?Obviously unrealistic.

You can choose some other foods to supplement the nutrition that milk will provide you.

On the contrary, if you are a vegetarian, you ca n’t eat meat, eat eggs or seafood allergic, and you ca n’t eat shrimp, then you can also rely on milk to supplement nutrition.

In addition, even if the doctor did not say, some rough grains such as corn, sweet potato and other grains, or some other fresh vegetables and fruits are available, which is very good for supplementation of nutrition during pregnancy.Can’t expect the doctor to give you a recipe?

There is also a relatively important principle during pregnancy, eating less meals.It is okay to eat five or six meals a day during pregnancy.

However, many pregnant mothers have misunderstood this principle. They only remember more meals. They ate several meals a day without remembering less food.

Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the appetite of pregnant mothers is very good. Each meal will be very large, and even increased.Snacks may be added between meals and meals.In the end, the weight growth is too heavy, but it is unhealthy.

Over weight is dangerous for pregnant mothers and fetuses.Therefore, weight management during pregnancy is also important.

Of course, diet during pregnancy is important, but just like the principle of eating and eating less, weight control is also the focus. Poor weight control during pregnancy not only affects its own health, but also is extremely unfavorable to the health of the fetus.

In addition, pregnant mothers have high blood sugar tendencies during pregnancy, so it is good to control weight, eat less meals, and exercise.

It really needs nutrition when pregnant, but this does not mean that you have nutrition if you eat too much.And many times, you feel that the food that makes your appetite is not very nutritious.In more cases, it only provides calories and sugar.

Chinese people like to talk about diet taboos, especially for pregnant mothers, diet taboos may be the most emphasis on people around them.

For example, you cannot eat crabs, spicy, and longan.You can’t put peppercorns, cinnamon, octagonal, etc., and the rules are much older.

But in fact, in the eyes of doctors and nutritional experts, during pregnancy, it is important to emphasize what foods to eat, rather than not eating, especially we also said earlier that the diet of pregnancy emphasizes "Guanghe Miscellaneous".

As for the taboos often said during pregnancy, such as many people have heard of it, such as crabs or lychee, they will have a miscarriage after eating.But think about it, if it is really so easy to make, what kind of medicine do you take for the accidental pregnancy? It is not good to eat litchi crabs directly.

The focus of diet during pregnancy is that there are many types.Instead of deliberately emphasizing what you can’t eat.

In other words, you have to see "quantity" when you eat. Even if you have a good thing, you will have problems if you eat too much.

In fact, it is necessary to really avoid foods during pregnancy. It is similar to that of foods we usually don’t recommend eating, such as half -life beef, eggs, shells, and raw fish slices.These foods are likely to have some bacteria, which can even induce fetal death.

In the end, there is another point to pay attention to, that is the wine, whether it is white red yellow beer or the rest of the wine, no matter what you usually drink, you must stay away during pregnancy.

Alcohol is not a nutrients needed during pregnancy, and there is evidence to prove that it will cause teratogenesis. Although there is no conclusion on how much dose, it is always good to not drink this benefit.

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Finally, it is necessary to say that there is no need to emphasize "nutrition" too much during pregnancy and therefore ignores the appetite of pregnant women.Pregnant women are not as serious as children, but they naturally have their own taste preferences.

Therefore, in the face of the food recommended by the doctor, there is no need to blindly eat it blindly. If you like it, eat more. If you do n’t like it, you can find alternatives. Eating is not medicine. It is not necessary to be so strict.

Especially in the early pregnancy, the impact of pregnancy is unbearable for pregnant mothers. At this time, it is good to eat it.It is more important to appetite.

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