How to eat after pregnancy?What do I need to make up during pregnancy?Obstetrician and gynecologist clearly say clearly

Women must pay attention to dietary regulation after pregnancy. Some foods that are irritating to the uterus and food without nutrition must not be eaten.Otherwise, it will affect its own health, it will affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and even induce abortion.For pregnant women, we must adjust accordingly in the diet structure.So, what should women eat after pregnancy to be correct?

How to eat after pregnancy?

The diet of pregnant women does not have a uniform standard. However, the nutritional ingredients taken by them must be balanced. Protein, vitamins, fat, carbohydrates, and various trace elements must be appropriately consumed.For example, various fresh fruits and vegetables can provide pregnant women with more mineral elements and vitamins and dietary fiber.

In addition, foods such as milk, fish, lean meat, and beans contain particularly rich high -quality protein, and pregnant women should also take some appropriately every day.In addition, all kinds of coarse grains, nuts, and potato foods should be appropriately consumed. These foods can provide pregnant women with more carbohydrates and high -quality fatty acids, which can promote the healthy development of the fetus.

In addition, the three meals of pregnant women must be easy to digest, light and refreshing, and warmth.This diet can not only reduce some pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, but also play a role in protecting the gastrointestinal tract of pregnant women.All hard, cold, cold, spicy, exciting, and foods with high oil, high sugar, high salt and some hormone ingredients cannot be eaten.

In addition, many pregnant women want to know what kind of nutrition is better to supplement during all stages of pregnancy.Let’s explain it in detail for everyone.

What nutrients do you need to supplement during each stage of pregnancy?

1. Early pregnancy

The early pregnancy refers to the first three months after pregnancy. This period is a very critical period for fetal growth and development, and it is also the stage of unstable fetus.At this stage, pregnant women must appropriately supplement foods rich in folic acid, such as various green leafy vegetables contain a lot of folic acid.This ingredient can play a role in preventing malformations of fetal nerve tube, and can also prevent pregnant women with giant red blood cell ischemia.In addition, some foods rich in iron -rich elements should be appropriately supplemented, which can provide pregnant women with more iron ions to avoid anemia.

2. In the middle of pregnancy

The stage of 3 to 7 months of pregnancy is called the second trimester. After entering the middle of pregnancy, the growth and development of the fetus are very fast, and the demand for various nutrients will be very large.Therefore, pregnant women must add more calcium and high -quality protein.Among the foods such as milk, bean foods, fish, lean meat, eggs, etc., they contain rich calcium and high -quality protein.These ingredients can not only supplement the nutrients required by the fetus, but also provide certain nutrients for pregnant women. In addition, some vitamins and amino acids should be appropriately supplemented.

Third, the pregnancy period

3 months in the second trimester belong to the third trimester. At this stage, pregnant women should appropriately supplement foods rich in DHA ingredients, such as various deep -sea fish, which can promote the development of fetal retina and brain development.In addition, pregnant women should also supplement foods rich in vitamins appropriately, which can improve some physical obesity and constipation of the body in the third trimester.

All in all, after pregnant women are pregnant, they must pay attention to the adjustment of diet. There should be no picky eaters, partial eclipse or dieting, and overeating.All kinds of nutrients should be balanced and intake, and properly matched the diet according to the needs of nutritional elements during the various stages of pregnancy, in order to play a role in maintaining the fetus and their own health.In addition, a regular pregnancy test must be used. If the body lacks some kind of nutrients, it is necessary to properly supplement under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take any health products or drugs by yourself.Otherwise, it will cause great harm to fetal health.

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