How to eat away from "Eryang"?

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Recently, some people have secondary infections in new coronary viruses.So, in addition to wearing a mask, to wash your hands, stay up late, and pay attention to ventilation, what can you do to reduce the risk of "Eryang"?Zhao Yongyi, director of the clinical nutrition department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, explained from the perspective of nutrition.

Zhao Yongyi introduced that preventing "Eryang" should pay attention to improving their own immunity, and one of the ways to improve immunity is to pay attention to the intake of high -quality protein, because all cells, including immune cells, immune tissues and organs, must rely on protein depends on protein.constitute.

You can eat some milk, eggs, soy milk, lunch and dinner to eat some meat.

Many people think that there are many nutrients in the soup, and the ingredients of nourishing the human body are mainly in the soup.In fact, the protein content of broth is far less than meat, because most muscle fiber proteins are difficult to dissolve into the soup, and the protein content is usually only 1%-2%.

Do you need to supplement high -quality protein by eating protein powder?Zhao Yongyi introduced that as long as the healthy people have a balanced diet and reasonable matching, they do not need to increase the protein. Crossing too much protein will increase the metabolic burden of the kidneys.

To improve immunity, diet is also required.In other words, there must be high -quality protein, carbohydrates, proper fat, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins in each meal.Zhao Yongyi said that when talking about diet balance, many people will feel that they are always old, but they actually emphasize that there are reasons.

The balanced diet is not difficult to do. Zhao Yongyi suggested that you can choose milk, soy milk, eggs, staple foods, and one or two fruits. Chinese food and dinner can have staple foods, vegetables, meat, and soy products.

Zhao Yongyi also said that the appropriate amount of vitamin A and vitamin C can help improve the body’s immunity.Vitamin A mainly exists in dark vegetables, fruits, such as vegetable moss, broccoli, carrots, etc.; Generally the vitamin C content in vegetables and fruits is relatively high.In addition, supplementing iron, zinc, selenium also helps improve immunity, and can eat meat, shrimp, and nuts.

(Chen Huilin Ruirui)

China Food News (06th, June 01, 2023)

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