How to eat chives for essential skills in spring food?Come and take a look together

Who said that only autumn is the harvest season. In spring, some vegetables can also be "harvested", such as leek.In this season, whether it is planted in the vegetable field or the leek raised in the flower pot has become green, it is time to "harvest".

Unlike other vegetables, the leeks can grow repeatedly after "cut", which can be said to be "endless."my country has the habit of eating leek from south to north, and a ingredients can make a variety of deliciousness.

Leeks are sweet and sweet, and they are attributed to human liver and kidney meridians. A number of pharmaceutical classics such as "Materia Medica Pickling" and "Southern Yunnan Materia Medica" have recorded it.It can warm the appetizer, blood circulation, kidney and kidney to help the yang, and the function of dispersing stasis.Knowing a lot of people who are good for leeks, few people know how to eat leeks, which is more helpful for health.

1. Matching must be in place

Leek is warm, and consumption in spring can help the yang. Some fixed matching of leeks daily is good for the body.For example, leek fried eggs.The egg -based flavor is sweet, which can nourish the qi, moisturize the lungs and throat, nourish and moisturize, and nourish blood.With these two, simple dishes can help the yang and nourish the essence.For people with weak physical fitness and malnutrition, they can have a good subsidy effect.

In addition to eggs, leeks can also be matched with softened and soft -cut seafood, which can also enhance the efficacy of yang.

2. Moderate amount of consumption

Although it is said that eating leek in spring can help mobilize the body’s yang, making people more energetic.However, when eating, it is still necessary to grasp the appropriate principles.Leek also has a name "Putting of intestinal grass", because if you eat too much at one time, it will easily lead to diarrhea.

3. Taboch your physique

Leek is a food that helps help Yang Qi. Although it has a benefit for the body, it is not suitable for everyone.For example, patients during a cold have symptoms such as sore throat and fever, and eating leeks will increase symptoms, which is not conducive to the recovery of a cold.

Or patients who have always been yin and fierce, often getting angry and sores. If they eat leeks, they will only aggravate the symptoms of the fire.There are also people with gastrointestinal discomfort.

Although leeks are ingredients that can be eaten all year round, the chives in early spring are the best taste. The appropriate amount of food can help the body’s yang and conform to the natural changes of the spring yang in the spring. It is also the most healthy way of eating!

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