How to get nutrients during preganency?You must see the first pregnancy#What do you eat for pregnancy?

How to choose a nutritional supplement?

What are the nutrients during pregnancy?How should each nutrient eat more scientific?How to choose a nutritional supplement?In April last year, I was three or four months pregnant, and I just needed to eat nutritional supplements.I also posted an evaluation of three composite vitamins on the market. Finally, I chose this Matener Chinese version of the multi -dimensional multi -dimensional. You can also go through my video to see it.

I have eaten from pregnancy to 8 months after delivery, because there are still many sisters in the background as asking me how to eat vitamins during breastfeeding during pregnancy?Today, I will talk to you scientific and rigorous.

In the general direction, we must still maintain the principle of appropriate replenishment on the basis of diet.Many nutrient supplements are indeed a lot of benefits to babies and mothers, but excessive replenishment can still cause adverse effects. Therefore, do not pursue more, just need an appropriate amount of nutrients on the basis of balanced nutrition.

I sort out a form that we need to supplement nutrients during pregnancy and the amount of supplement, you can directly see it.This is purely delivered to the mouth.We can give priority to see if this nutrient content is sufficient and whether the types are comprehensive.Remember that the content is not as good as possible. For example, if the iron content is too high, it will be easy to hack the constipation during pregnancy.

If you do not have the risk of folic acid metabolism, if you replenish it too much, you will also cause risks to pregnant women and fetuses.There is also insufficient calcium content, and leg cramps will be prone to occur during pregnancy.There is also the type of nutrients that are particularly small. The nutrients you can add are relatively small. There is no way to meet the long -term needs of pregnancy. You also need to eat additional other targeted supplements.

These are the directions that we may choose to make mistakes.The Martna Chinese version I have been eaten, it has more than 20 nutrients that are more comprehensive.By comparison, the table listed earlier. Its folic acid content is 320 micrograms per piece. This content plus the intake in the usual vegetables and fruits is suitable for supplementing the whole process during pregnancy, which is completely sufficient.

· Then its calcium content is 250 mg per tablet. It is my comparison on the market that most of the nutrients are on the market. Its calcium content is relatively high.If you say that you do n’t lack calcium mothers in your birth check, and this content plus you drink more milk every day, then it is enough.

But for mothers in the late pregnancy, in addition to eating such nutrients, you must still add extra calcium.At the same time, it is also the only one that adds selenium. Selenium is a good probability that it can reduce the diabetes during pregnancy.Mothers like me who love to eat sweets are indeed very friendly.

In the end, I want to tell you that everyone’s physical condition is different. Be sure to replenish themselves in combination with their own conditions. Do not add blindly.If your body has no special additional situation, you only need to choose a better composite vitamin to supplement.In addition, we must pay attention to calcium supplement in our diet.

I hope today can help the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy and the sisters who are already pregnant.Bye-Bye.

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