How to judge that your ovarian premature aging and premature aging are related to contraceptives

Many friends found that they did not have contraceptive measures, and they often rely on emergency contraceptives to cope. In fact, emergency contraceptives have many side effects, which is the abnormal ovarian function.In fact, normal taking emergency contraceptives can play a contraceptive effect, and there is almost no risk, but friends who take a large number of emergency contraceptives should pay attention.How to judge your premature ovarian failure and premature aging are related to contraceptives.

Emergency contraceptives are generally used within 72 hours of failed normal contraception methods. Because the drug use is not limited by the menstrual cycle, some women who are convenient for pictures often take them as conventional contraceptives.However, this medicine is often used to cause endocrine disorders, cause irreversible effects on the ovaries, and even cause the ovarian "aging" in advance. Estrogen secretion is getting less and less or even suddenly disappearing, entering "hidden menopause".

Women who often take emergency contraceptives are irregular and mentally nervous for a long time, and it is also easy to cause endocrine disorders and cause premature ovarian failure.Because there is no effective treatment for premature ovarian failure at present, it can only be used to replace the ovarian function by cyclical use of estrogen. Patients will lose the opportunity to give birth to their baby.

In clinical clinical hotness, irritability and insomnia, dry skin, yellowing of hair color, dry vulva, itching vagina, decreased sexual desire, etc.

What are the side effects of emergency contraceptives?

Emergency contraception has its unique advantages, but there are also obvious side effects.Understanding these side effects and paying attention to prevention in use can give full play to the role of emergency contraception and minimize its side effects.The following side effects may occur after using emergency contraceptives:

(1) Nausea: Different drugs have different incidence, of which rice non -felratone is the lowest at 6%-7%.Nausea generally does not exceed 24 hours.

(2) Menstruation changes: Most women menstruation will come on time, and some women’s menstruation will be advanced or delayed.If menstruation is delayed for 1 week, urine pregnancy test should be performed to clarify whether it is an emergency contraception failure.

(3) Vomiting: Different drug incidence is different, with about 5%of the Zuo Nuo progesterone, and about 1%of rice ketone.It is generally believed that taking medicine at the same time with food can reduce the incidence of nausea and vomiting, but there is no exact clinical data.

(4) Irregular uterine bleeding: Some women have vaginal bleeding after medication, and generally no treatment is required.

(5) Others: breast pain, headache, dizziness, fatigue, etc. These symptoms are generally mild, and the duration does not exceed 24 hours.Breast pain and severe headache can use aspirin or other painkillers.

Health race network reminds that taking emergency contraceptives should be cautious, and you must not take it.Emergency contraception is just a temporary remedy, and it must not be used repeatedly as a regular contraceptive method.Emergency contraceptive oral pills are greater than the amount of hormones contained in general short -acting oral contraceptives, and it is very dangerous if it is often used.

When they want to get pregnant, they can’t get pregnant successfully. When they went to the hospital, they were told that they were blocked by fallopian tube.Wallopian obstruction is one of the important reasons for women’s infertility. In recent years, there has been a trend of increasing probability of illness in recent years. It is the treatment difficulty of infertility.The treatment of fallopian tubes needs to be treated with symptoms. Now let’s understand the treatment methods of various fallopian tubes.

1. Due to Qi resistance due to qi

The fallopian tubes are unprepared due to qi resistance, mostly due to vitality deficiency, qi decreased, liver and spleen disorders, qi and blood cannot be smooth, nausea and vomiting, small belly always swelling, and thousands of stools.Internal personality, sullen air, fallopian tubal angiography or water through the water flow.Both men and women check and test and fertility in all aspects of all aspects that are not pregnant. Western medicine calls "unknown infertility."This is the monster made by the vapor gas resistance. Treatment to nourish blood, supplement the qi, relieve the liver, strengthen the spleen and strengthen the qi, to achieve healing the purpose

2. Due to inflammation due to inflammation

Due to inflammation, the fallopian tubes are mostly due to inflammation, mostly due to qi and blood, and blood heat causes swelling of fallopian tube. Most people suffer from uterine swelling, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis, advanced menstruation, or before menstruation.In the past two menstruation, blood clots with blood, blood clots are blood heat, yellow hair yellow is damp heat, and bloody leakage is deficient in blood, and inflammation over time. Under this condition, the fallopian tube adhesion is too early. Each patient with qi and bloodOn the upper rush, "nosebleeds" will appear before the menstruation.Usually, on both sides of the small belly, it is painful like a needle, and the thickness of the fallopian tubes is uneven;Under such morbid conditions, the most prone to suffering from ectopic pregnancy, blood detection, anti -sperm antibody, anti -endometrium antibody, antivirus antibody, treatment of cold blood and anti -inflammatory after treatmentDainean -based, and topic No. 2 hot compress medicine.

3. Donelieved tubal adhesion

The fallopian tube adhesion is light and heavy, and the adhesion is divided into three degrees. The adhesion of the fallopian tube is once the adhesion of the tubal and the palace corner binding to the second degree;Regardless of whether it is dual or single, that part is adhesive, most people are overwhelmed due to the inflammation after abortion.The inner wall of the fallopian tube was ulcerated, and the inflammatory anti -inflammatory was treated, and the fallopian tubes were sticky together. Most people came to bloating and pain a few days ago.The symptoms disappear after menstruation, and patients with long -term fallopian tube adhesion are the same as connecting.There is no symptom reaction. After the treatment, the treatment of cooling blood and relieving liver qi are mainly treated. Before menstruation, the blood circulation and blood stasis were mainly used, and the temperature was used.

4. The fallopian tube is suffered from fat, fibroids, and swelling

The fallopian tubes are squeezed and blocked by fat, fibroids, and swelling, and most of them are too fat, too much fat, irregularity of qi and blood, dampness and heat resistance., Little menstruation, or amenorrhea. The treatment is mainly based on promoting blood circulation, stasis, phlegm, and dispersing knots. Those with fibroids and swelling of more than 4x6cm should be treated with surgery.In the intention, patients with fats and fibroids infertility usually do not eat animal oil, eat less meat food, do not eat spicy, sweet, and salty rice, eat more sparse and fruit seafood products, control diet, and strengthen physical exercise.

5. The fallopian tubes are due to poor effusion

The fallopian tubes are not blocked due to effusion, and they are mostly due to the heat of the upper coke, the lower coke deficiency;After supporting, the small belly is usually cold, the menstrual belly is painful, the blood is black and the patient has sticky strips, and the humid heat is too heavy.Usually the leucorrhea is yellow and stinky, itchy in the lower part, most of the time with cervical erosion, there are differences in pelvic inflammatory disease, which will cause fever.Both sides are painful.And there is a flow of blood, the medicinal solution can barely enter the abdominal cavity, that is, the effusion is squeezed into the abdominal cavity during water. When the pelvic effusion is rising, the pelvic effusion will return to the fallopian tube.ZG endometrial antibody, more antibody antibodies.However, all three antibodies are negative, and there are many uncomfortable fluid effusion.After the treatment of menstruation, it is mainly based on clearing heat, dampness, and dryness. Before the meridian, the blood promoted blood circulation, dry dampness, and spleen spleen and water.

6. Donivation of fallopian tubes

Washing tubes are not blocked, and they are mostly low due to poor constitution, deficiency of qi deficiency, blood deficiency, spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency, and four deficiency of futurization.Patients do not solidify blood due to qi deficiency, and the moon will experience more after a large inflammation. After a long time, it is prone to suffering from anemia. In this pathological situation, that is, the fetal Xiang will automatically stop developing before the three months of pregnancy.EssenceThis has caused habitual abortion. It is not uncomfortable that as many as five or six babies are severe. After the patient is pregnant, due to the large response, severe inflammation, nutrition cannot keep up, there will be less itching water in six or seven months.Or turbid, fetal clothing, especially the male fetus, the number of fetal movements, and the fetal clothing can easily rupture, which causes the consequences of premature birth.Note: "Except for miscarriage and premature birth due to genetic genes and sperm deformities", the treatment can be used to nourish blood, nourish qi, strengthen the spleen, nourish the kidney, cool blood, and reconcile yin and yang balance in order to achieve healing.

Suggestion: Patients with four deficiency and compliance, do not rush to get pregnant, should be healthy before pregnancy, and then get healthy before pregnancy. After pregnancy, the response just appears. Just take Chinese medicine to cure it. As long as you can eat it, you can drink it.It can’t be made up for meals, with sufficient nutrition. To put it bluntly, it is not a big problem to dance or pull the car to work.

Premature ovarian failure is a problem that more and more women need to face. Many women have learned about the premature ovarian failure after a long time after premature ovarian failure.In order to learn about premature ovarian failure in time and treat it early, we must understand what is the sign of premature ovarian failure.Now I will take you to find out!

With the increasingly tension of life, women’s ovaries are also in danger of premature aging. There are survey statistics. Of the white -collar women aged 30 to 40, about 1/3 people have nearly 1/3 people have different degrees of premature ovarian failure.

The most obvious sign of changing ovarian functional decline in menstrual cycle is the changes in the menstrual cycle. For example, it was originally once every 30 days, and it became only once every 2 months or 3 months.During the physiological period, the number of days changes special attention.

When the cycle changes, most of them are related to hormonal endocrine disorders, but they should be excluded first to rule out hormone disorders caused by polycystic ovarian or other gynecological diseases.

In addition to the early menstrual cycle changes in the menopausal cycle are more obvious signs of ovarian function degradation, symptoms of menopause such as difficulty and dry skin will also occur. However, doctors remind that menopausal symptoms vary from person to person. Not everyone’s menopause symptoms are the same.In a more accurate way to go to the hospital for ovarian function test.The average age of menopause is 50 years old.

If the ovaries are well maintained, the facial skin can be delicate and smooth, transmitted in white, and keeps toughness and elasticity; promote reproductive and body health, regulate and secrete female hormones, and improve gender life; highlights, plump chests, tightness, and roundness.How to avoid premature ovarian failure? It is mainly to prevent early prevention and quit some bad habits.

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