How to look at progesterone and HCG after pregnancy!An article tells you the complex relationship between HCG and progesterone

Yesterday afternoon, the pregnant mother group talked about the problem of HCG value. There were several pregnant mothers exposed the check value and found that they were relatively low. I was struggling to take some drugs that promote HCG secretion!

At that time, I watched the value of this pregnant mothers, it was really low, but it was also within the normal range, so it was recommended that they did not need to take medicine and explained why they did not have to eat it.

Many pregnant mothers don’t actually know what HCG means?How much is the HCG value to be normal?

Today we will come to the topic of popular science.

1. What does HCG mean?

HCG refers to chorionic gonadotropin, which is a sugar protein hormone. It can be detected in the blood about one week after fertilization. It is diagnosed with HCG indicators in the blood to diagnose whether to get pregnant.

The placental nourishing layer of cells produced a large amount of HCG during the development of the fetus, and was excreted into urine through the blood circulation of pregnant women.Its main function is stimulating luteum, which is conducive to the continuous secretion of estrogen hormones and progesterone, thereby promoting the formation of moltation (molting refers to the endometrium of pregnancy), making the placenta grow and mature.

2. Is the HCG value lower than others?

HCG does not have high and low claims, only doubling

Everyone’s HCG level is different. Some pregnant mothers may only have dozens of HCG when they are 4 weeks pregnant, but some pregnant mothers can reach hundreds of.This is because personal constitution and fertilized eggs are different in bed, so you don’t have to worry about it.

What do pregnant mothers look at?Compare with yourself, that is, you look at the twice.For example, the first test of 3 weeks of pregnancy is 500ul, so the next day, the blood test can reach 1000ul, which means that the HCG doubles is normal, and it also proves that the embryo is healthy.

Of course, HCG doubles is not fixed. Similarly, each person’s double time is different. Double the next day is only about time. Some people are fast and some people are slow.

3. What does progesterone mean?

Having said that, there may still be some pregnant mothers who do not know what progesterone means?

Welon is an indispensable hormone that maintains pregnancy. It is a kind of steroid hormone secreted by ovarian progesterone. It is a natural progesterone.

Performatone plays a very important role in early pregnancy.It can inhibit the contraction of the uterine, reduce the excitement of the uterine muscle, reduce the sensitivity of the uterine muscles to various stimuli, thereby maintaining the stability of the embryo.

Performatone can also inhibit substances that reject the embryo in the body of the pregnant mother and continue to be able to continue.

It is normal for progesterone levels to continue to rise in early pregnancy.

4. What is the relationship between HCG and progesterone?

Earlier, we talked about HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, and progesterone is a progesterone.

After the fertilization eggs, HCG is about one week after the fertilization eggs, but the amount at the beginning is relatively small, and it is not easy to measure until 10 to 14 days after fertilization.

HCG can stimulate the human body to produce progesterone. HCG and progesterone can work together, protect embryos and make them nutrients.If both are low, the embryo is not very good.

The two sets of data of HCG and progesterone can monitor the development of embryo baby.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the normal value of progesterone and HCG is important for tire protection and maintaining pregnancy.

Early pregnancy B-HCG level

5. After pregnancy, do pregnant mothers do HCG and progesterone examination?

Some women are relatively low in the early stages of pregnancy, and the lines measured by the pregnancy test paper are relatively lighter. There is no way to distinguish whether pregnancy is pregnant.

It is generally recommended to go to the hospital to analyze HCG and progesterone to determine whether to be pregnant.

Of course, if you can confirm your pregnancy through the urine test, you don’t need to take blood test.

In addition, if there are a history of abortion or women who are not easy to conceive, they need to do this test, especially if there are uncomfortable phenomena such as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.

Generally doctors can supplement progesterone based on these two indicators and monitor the development of the baby baby.The content of HCG is not affected by eating, and it can be detected at any time without the need for an empty stomach.

6. Be careful when the HCG content is continuously reduced, and there may be a signs of abortion

The HCG content continues to decrease, suggesting that pregnant mothers may have a threatened abortion.

The HCG content is growing rapidly at early pregnancy, which can increase by about 2 days.

After about 8 weeks, the HCG value gradually stabilized, and it was relatively stable by about 20 weeks.

If the HCG content in pregnant mothers continues to decrease, it indicates that there is a possibility of abortion.

7. How to detect HCG?Both blood tests and urine tests can be

Generally, after the fertilized eggs are bed, the HCG secreted by the nourishing layer of cells enters the blood and urine.

The HCG content in urine or blood can help diagnose whether to get pregnant.

The urine test can generally detect at home. The HCG value is more accurate than the urine test.

Finally, there are various reasons for signs of abortion in early pregnancy.There are many pregnant mothers who take lutenone needles or drugs with ketone to protect their tires.

This is not appropriate. First of all, we must understand whether the pregnant mother is really deficient in progesterone. We said earlier that we can learn from the basic body temperature of the mother to test or test the pregnant mother.

If it is really a pregnant mothers with lack of luteal function, you can inject progesterone from the third day of the base temperature and use it continuously for 9-10 weeks until the pregnant mother naturally produces progesterone.

Text: Zhao Ma Tina


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