How to maintain the skin during pregnancy, the skin tone is dim, the pregnancy spots, and acne can go to the beauty salon?

1. What are the changes in expectant mothers?

Due to the changes in hormones during pregnancy, there will be some changes in the skin. Most of the expectant mothers will happen, but they are only different.

(1) Pigment precipitation.In particular, the areola, the genitals and the center of the abdomen are more obvious. The more 70%of the expectant mothers have pregnancy spots (commonly known as butterfly spots).After childbirth, it will subscribe by itself, but sometimes it will not fade up.

(2) Stretch marks.Specific mothers often have some skin atrophy in the abdomen, outside of the thighs and breasts.The pathological changes of stretch marks are thin and flat in the epidermis, while the collagen fibers in the dermis layer deteriorate, and the elastic fiber becomes less.

(3) Vascular change.Due to the increased hormone, the blood vessels change. At the 2 to May May, spider -like blood vessels can be appeared on the face, neck, and upper chest, and erythema may appear in the palm.

(4) Skin fibroma.In the late pregnancy period, there may be some small meatballs with skin colors or brown soft meatballs. It occurs on the neck, upper chest and breasts. Some will fall off naturally after childbirth, but some will always exist. You can use electrotherapy methods to remove it.Essence

(5) Acne.Some expectant mothers will be more serious on the face of the face of the face, or the original acne.

2. How should you maintain the skin during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, due to hormones, the skin is easy to lose luster, and some expectant mothers have changed their skin types.Therefore, pay special attention to skin care during pregnancy.

(1) Washing your face frequently.Twice in the morning and evening, wash skin care products, but pay attention to choosing natural products.It is easy to sweat in summer, and the number of face washing is increased.Washing your face is not only to remove oil, but also make your mood happy.

(2) Do not let the strong direct sun shine on the face.Wear a hat when walking or going out, you can apply some sunscreens on your face to protect the skin.

(3) Face massage every day.This can accelerate the blood circulation of the skin, enhance the metabolism of the skin, and prevent skin diseases, protect the skin’s tenderness, and make the skin recover soon after giving birth.

Some expectant mothers may think of beauty salons to deal with after discovering these skin problems, but skin problems caused by pregnancy are caused by endocrine, but ordinary beauty cannot change endocrine changes, and the composition of beauty products is pairedIt is difficult to say whether the fetus is safe.Therefore, for the safety of the fetus, do not do any beauty during pregnancy. Usually, skin care and cleaning should choose pure natural skin care products.

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