How to make up for nutrients during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the nutritional intake of expectant mothers will directly affect the health of the baby. Only comprehensive and balanced nutrition can help the healthy growth of the fetus.So, which nutrient should be supplemented during each stage of pregnancy?How to make up correctly?

Early pregnancy: Folic acid must not be less

Deng Qin, a obstetrician and gynecologist in Chongqing Anqier Maternity Hospital, said that folic acid plays an important role in the split growth of cells and the synthesis of nucleic acids, amino acids, and proteins. It is an indispensable nutrients for fetal growth and development.The first three months of pregnancy is the critical period of fetal nerve development. If the expectant mother lacks folic acid at this time, it will easily lead to the development of fetal nerve tube development and increase the incidence of spine bales and brainless children.

Therefore, it is recommended that folic acid tablets should be eaten 3 months before pregnancy until three months after pregnancy.Given that there are many people who are pregnant, the elderly couples should take folic acid tablets regardless of whether they are planning to be pregnant.

In the middle of pregnancy: the amount of calcium supplementation

Calcium supplementation is done by mothers during pregnancy, but if the supplement time is wrong, it may also make the supplementary calcium unable to absorb it.The golden period of quasi -mother calcium supplementation is 4 months after pregnancy, because the fetus is developing rapidly during this time, and a large amount of calcium is needed.

In the middle of pregnancy: scientific iron supplementation

Iron is a component of hemoglobin, myoglobulin, cytochrome, enzymes, and various oxidase. It is an important element for the baby and tissue cells for fetal baby.relation.Due to the insufficient reserves in the body after pregnancy, the demand for iron on the body is increasing, but the absorption rate of iron at the same time is relatively low. Therefore, the amount of iron during pregnancy will increase significantly.

If the iron -rich animal -rich foods are insufficient in diet, it is easy to cause placental hemoglobin lack. After the fetus is born, there will be possibility of dysplasia, decreased memory, and even decreased intelligence.Pregnant women need to supplement iron to supply baby and placenta, especially in the second and third trimester.

Line pregnancy: replenish DHA

During pregnancy, the DHA content in expectant mothers will drop to 62%. If sufficient intake can not be guaranteed, it will not only be unfavorable to their own health, but also greatly affect the brain development of the baby’s baby.

For 6-7 months of pregnancy, the demand for DHA for the baby has greatly increased, because the brain development has entered a period of surge, and the neuronal reproduction is the most rapid.Moreover, in the middle and late pregnancy, the efficiency and breadth of the baby’s absorption and storage DHA reached its peak.It is recommended that pregnant women and lactating women’s daily intake of 200 mg DHA.(Supply of Chongqing Anqier Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital)

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