How to prepare for a female uterus?

Everyone knows that a good positive uterus is very important for smooth pregnancy.However, some pregnant women went to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound, but they found that their uterus was not right.So how should you prepare for the rejuvenation of the uterus?

1. What is the back position of the uterus?

The so -called back position of the uterus is the vertical axis of the uterus, and the entire uterus is dumped in the back of the uterus. This can easily make the cervix uplift, that is, the uterine backward leaning, which causes the cervix to not be soaked in the semen pool, which may hinder conception.This situation is more common in clinical cases. Its formation is divided into congenital and acquired nature, but most of the posterior uterine rear positions can be successfully conceived through some fertility guidance. Only a small part is more serious.Patients need to accept surgery to the back of the medical uterus.

How does the posture of the uterine affect the pregnancy?

Judging from the position of the uterus in the pelvic cavity, it can be divided into front, median and rear positions.Medically, the uterine body is referred to as the back of the uterus backward.There are two types of uterine rear divisions: the back of the uterus and the pouring of the uterine.The longitudinal axis of the uterus is unchanged, and the entire uterus falls behind. This situation is more common. The rear back of the uterus is a sharp corner at the junction of the uterus and the junction of the cervical body and the cervix.The cause is often caused by multiple delivery, the ligament, the bottom damage of the wide ligament, and the basis of the basin of the basin.

Generally speaking, the post -uterine posture has no effect on sex life, but it may affect conception.

Located in the deep vaginal cervix, there is a dome where the vagina surrounds the cervix, called vaginal dome. After sexual intercourse ejaculation, semen is easy to accumulate here, which is conducive to soaking the cervix in the backward.The cervical mouth enters the uterine cavity and meets the eggs, so she has successfully conceived.However, when the back position of the uterine occurs, the cervix is presented forward and upward, which makes it difficult for the cervix to be soaked in semen, which will significantly reduce the chance of conception.

Third, the back position of the uterus is closely related to the sleeping position

The appearance of the uterine is often related to sleeping posture. Women who have miscarriage and sleep for a long time are prone to the back of the uterus.If you want to correct the position of the uterus, you can try to sleep for a long time or sleep on the side of the chest or the side of the chest and knees. Take this sleeping position can completely disappear the symptoms of rectal stimulation caused by the posterior rectal stimulation.

4. How to control the post -uterine position

Do not frequently flow people; pay attention to the hygiene of vulva and menstrual hygiene; use the "chest and knee position method" after the early morning solution, and persist for 15-20 minutes each time, which lasts for 2-3 months; married women’s intercourse;It can be raised (two pillows can be matched), so that the semen is easy to accumulate in the post -vagina dome, so that the cervix is soaked in semen and increases the chance of conception.

Experts in preparing for pregnancy believe that the broom is often used in daily life. Pay attention to the posture of legs straight and back. Scan 1-2 times a day and 15-20 minutes each time.It is conducive to promoting the recovery of the uterus.When the uterus is in the right place, we still have to continue to sweep the floor for half a month in order to consolidate the efficacy.When you sleep, try to take the side or lying on the position, it is best to take less.If the conditioning effect of the Chinese medicine is better: Eucommia, continuing, Codonopsis, Astragalus, Silko, and Moroccanius meat are 9 grams each, and decoction.

5. How to increase the rate of conception

1. Actively correct the uterine leaning

Persist in side, lying, and kneeling 2-3 times a day, about half an hour each time, providing the uterus with the opportunity to spate forward.The menstrual period should also be lying down once a day, because the uterus is slightly softer at this time, which can help the uterus lean forward.If the back position of the uterus is relatively serious, you can often do knee -knee and chest lying position, that is, vertical and ground when kneeling. The waist must collapse down, not to bow up, and persist for about 15 minutes each time.

2. Adopt proper conception body position

When the same room, you can use the knees behind, which is conducive to the semen to the place where the cervix is closer; or use a normal position. After sexual intercourse, the woman will lie down immediately and put the pillow on the abdomen.The cervix mouth; normal position can also be used, but it is best to put an appropriate thickness cushion or small pillow under the hip of the woman.For left and right, it is best not to urinate within half an hour after ejaculation to prevent semen from flowing out.These positions can improve the chance of conception.

Pregnant couples, especially women in the back of the uterus, quickly understand the knowledge of the back of the uterus and how to prepare for pregnancy!

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