How to prepare for gout patients?Can I take uric acid reducing drugs during pregnancy?The doctor tells you

From the cancellation of the only children’s policy in 2015, and the allowing each family to have a three -child policy in 2021, my country’s family planning policy is gradually liberalizing, and everyone also claps.However, for patients with gout and hyperuricemia, there are some troubles: if there is an intended to be a child, the disease of gout and gout -related drugs will affect pregnancy?

Patients with hyperuricemia and gout facing fertility are mainly: how to prepare for gout patients?Do I need to stop uric acid reduction drugs during pregnancy?Can I take anti -inflammatory and analgesic drugs during gout during pregnancy?Can I take soda to use alkaline urine during pregnancy?What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

Today, Dr. Liu wrote "small composition" for how to prepare for gout or hyperuricemia, hoping to help everyone.

Patients with gout or hyperuricemia can not be used during pregnancy during pregnancy

For patients with gout and hyperuricemia during pregnancy, the first thing that may be worried is whether the gout will be inherited to the child.Lao Liu told everyone that gout has a hereditary tendency, but genetic is not the only cause of gout.

Gout does not belong to explicit genetic diseases

We must first know that gout is divided into primary and secondary, and primary gout has a certain family heredity, which is closely related to race, genetic background, and common habits.Generally speaking, if there are two or more patients with gout in the family in the family, the prevalence of the descendants of the family will increase significantly.We can look at a few groups of research data first:

The sampling survey of primary gout patients at home and abroad found that 10%~ 20%of gout patients have a positive family history. 15%to 25%of the patient’s close relatives suffer from hyperuricemia.The probability of gout is 40%to 50%; if both parents have gout, the probability of children with gout is 75%.

Although the sampling survey shows that the genetic tendency of gout patients is high, there is no support for epidemiological data.And from the perspective of genetic models, the genetic model of hyperuricemia and gout is also more complicated and has a high degree of genetic heterogeneity.

In other words, although the genetic genetic of gout mainly includes genetic defects that reduce uric acid excretion, increase the genetic defects of uric acid production, and promote uric acid in the genetic defects of uric acid to participate in the elevated uric acid and gout seizures; but genetic factors will not independent independentIt affects gout, but interacts with metabolism, environmental factors, and living factors, which can cause uric acid excretion disorders, excessive uric acid production or gout inflammation.

The popular point tells everyone that it is not that the parents have gout, and the children will definitely suffer from gout.Even if some genetic defects are inherited to the next generation, the children can protect the diet, weight, environment, and joints in terms of diet, weight, environment, and joints, and can also control hyperuricemia or gout.So if you are ready to have children, you don’t need to worry too much about the genetic problems of gout.

The attacking factor of gout is closely related to lifestyle

We all know that patients with gout need to meet the standard. The so -called standard treatment is to keep the level of blood uric acid below the saturation of uric acid in the blood, so that the uric acid salt crystals in the blood is dissolved, and the new can prevent new from new.The formation of street views.This standard standard is based on the solubility of uric acid. Under the conditions of 37 ° C and pH, the uric acid of 360 μmol/L can exceed the solubility of the blood, forming crystalline deposition in joint slids, soft tissues or organs.

The formation of uric acid salt crystals is affected by various factors

Therefore, general gout patients should reduce the level of blood uric acid to 180 μmol/L ~ 360 μmol/L and maintain this level; while patients with gout, severe gout patients, gout patients with uric acid nephropathy, and uric acid renalStone gout patients should reduce the level of blood uric acid to 180 μmol/L ~ 300 μmol/L.

So how much does gout patients need to reach the blood uric acid during pregnancy?Scientists have not studied proven that hyperuricemia can affect the fertility of gout patients, but some studies have shown that hyperuricemia can affect mice’s reproduction ability.

Therefore, for safety reasons, in order to avoid pain and hyperuricemia on themselves or fetuses, they also have a possible adverse effect on themselves or fetuses, and in order to avoid the recurrence of acute gouting arthritis during pregnancy as much as possible, it is generally recommended that gout and hyperuricemia men or men or men or hyperuricemia or men or hyperuricemia or men or hyperuricemiaWomen are best to prepare for pregnancy after the standards of blood uric acid. Generally, blood uric acid is at least less than 360 μmol/L and stabilized for 3 months before contraception.

Gout lowering uric acid reaching the standard value

In fact, many patients with gout have asked about my questions like "whether or not uric acid can be used during pregnancy for patients with gout patients." Especially many patients with gout, worrying about whether hyperuricemia will affect fertility problems, and I am worried about gout.Drug use during pregnancy.

At present, there is no clear research on the problems of gout lowering uric acid drugs and gout men or women’s fertility.However, we can get at least some answers from the three instructions of the three types of hyperlide, nonbesti, and benzinemaron, which are currently commonly used.

Patients with gout should be used with cautious uric acid lowering drugs.

According to the half -life of different drugs, animal experiments, indications, and the physiological cycle of men and women, we can know a approximate time to stop the drug.It is generally recommended that men with at least 1 month before reducing uric acid reduction drugs, and female patients have been discontinued for at least 3 months before pregnancy.However, Dr. Liu suggested that three types of uric acid reduction drugs will be longer before pregnancy.Penzide Malong: Considering the impact of benzide on the kidney function, it is recommended that men stop drugs for 3 months, and women will be prepared for about 6 months.It is recommended that men and women stop the drug for about 3 to 6 months before pregnancy; allopurinol: There are a few women who take this medicine to cause fetal malformations. It is recommended that men discontinue drugs for 3 months and women’s drug discontinuation for about 6 months.

All in all, for people who need to lower uric acid, although there is no clear drug on the fetus, it is still recommended to stop the drug as much as possible for a long time to reduce the impact of drugs on the growth and development of the fetus.

Different metabolism and semi -duration of uric acid drugs

Lao Liu suggested that men and women before pregnancy need to discontinue uric acid reduction drugs, so it may lead to fluctuations in the level of blood uric acid due to drug discontinuation, which may lead to acute attacks on gout.So what should I do at this time?Should I take anti -inflammatory and analgesic drugs?

We know that anti -inflammatory and analgesic drugs include pheumine, non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs and glucocorticoids.At present, anti -inflammatory and analgesic drugs have less research on male fertility, but we can give a drug discontinue time according to the principle of medication during women’s pregnancy and the pharmacological and adverse reactions of related drugs.

It is recommended that the acute gout seizure during pregnancy is recommended without medication.

It is generally recommended to prepare male gout patients to stop taking anti -inflammatory and analgesic drugs for at least one month, and female gout patients stop taking at least 3 months before preparing for pregnancy.Of course, there are still differences in different drugs.For example, the pastroinine and non -sterite anti -inflammatory drugs are based on men and women for 1 to 3 months, but glucocorticoids are not recommended during pregnancy.If the gout has a strong pain and a lot of joints, the relevant anti -inflammatory and analgesic drugs can still be used appropriately.For example, it is recommended to use small doses in the collateral doses of autumn water. Generally, 1 to 3 times a day, 0.5 mg each time; the non -sterite anti -inflammatory drugs are used as much as possible when the gastrointestinal reaction is used.If the pain of acute gout has weak pain and less affected joints, it is recommended to regulate life.It is recommended to protect the joints from pressure and cold, pay attention to rest in bed, drink more water daily to ensure more than 2000ml of urine volume, ensure nutritional balance while maintaining low purine and low -fat diet;Essence

All in all, if the acute gout occurs during pregnancy, Dr. Liu’s suggestion is to minimize the effect of drugs on the fetus.

The clinical significance and precautions of different anti -inflammatory and analgesics drugs

The drugs of alkalized urine may be more commonly used for many patients with gout. In addition, patients with gout often use sugar -free soda or natural soda to achieve the purpose of reducing uric acid.So can alkaline environment of alkali urine and the normal alkaline environment of uric acid can be treated with alkalized urine during pregnancy?This takes into account the different physiological cycles of women and men.

Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is an alkaline environment for women with common alkaline urine drugs.Discontinue alkaline urine drugs.Men’s fertility organs are acidic environment, and the bicarbonate root ions are relatively low, and they are also in order to maintain a normal nurturing environment.In theory, if sodium bicarbonate is alkalized, it will interfere with male fertility environment and affect the quality of fertility.Therefore, under normal circumstances, men’s pregnancy should be discontinued for about 1 month.

In addition, the drugs of alkalized urine include potassium citrate sodium, sodium bicarbonate and other drugs. These drugs contain sodium ingredients, which can cause excessive sodium intake and cause adverse reactions such as hypertension.Therefore, if the condition permits, it is recommended that men and women discontinue uric acid reduction drugs at least one month before preparation for men and women before preparing for pregnancy.

Adverse reactions and precautions for alkaline urine drugs

All in all, during pregnancy, the suspension of hyperuric acid levels of gout patients due to related uric acid drugs, anti -inflammatory and analgesic drugs, and alkaline urine drugs may fluctuate. Therefore, pay special attention to the adjustment of lifestyle during pregnancy to allow bloodKeep the standard at the standard at 180 μmol/L to 360 μmol/L as much as possible to avoid the acute attack of gout.Therefore, Dr. Liu suggested that "drink plenty of water, hold your mouth, open your legs, lose weight, protect joints, quit smoking and alcohol, and sleep."

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