How to raise "fine"

The quality of semen directly affects the health of the next generation. However, in recent years, the quality of men’s semen has declined. What causes men’s sperm quality?The reason is that many living habits and hobbies in our lives will become sperm killer.

"Sperm killer"

● Tobacco and alcohol

◆ Smoking and alcohol is the enemy of sperm.Some men’s bodies are quite sensitive to toxins in cigarettes, and nicotine in cigarettes can kill sperm.A chemist in Australia said that once men quit smoking, sex hormones in the blood will increase.A doctor of medicine in Hungary claimed that the number of sperm in semen in the smokers was less than those who did not suck, and the number of deformities sperm was more.For example, adult men suck 30 cigarettes a day, the survival rate of sperm is only 40%, and the sperm malformation rate is increased.It can be seen that long -term smoking is one of the important factor leading to infertility.Alcoholism will not only lead to reduced reproductive glandular dysfunction, cause abnormal chromosomes in sperm, and cause fetal malformations or dysplasia.Therefore, the habit of staying away from tobacco and alcohol should be developed during adolescence.After adults, even if you do not quit tobacco and alcohol, you should pay attention not to excessive.Therefore, in the first few months of preparing for pregnancy, smoking and alcohol should be quit and alcohol to ensure the health of successful conception and children.

● No restraint

◆ If you have excessive masturbation and premature sexual life, you can not only cause impotence, but also make each sperm weight less each time.

● High temperature

◆ The process of sperm growth requires low temperature, otherwise sperm will die.Maintaining this physiological state, when the temperature is too high, expand the heat dissipation area, and it will wrinkle when it is cold to reduce the heat dissipation area, thereby maintaining the temperature of the scrotum lower than the abdominal cavity.Too many long -term hot baths, hot springs, washed sauna, and sleeping electric blankets. High temperature will destroy the essence of essence and cause a decline in spermatogenesis.The sperm epithelium of the testicles is a community of sperm. Once it is destroyed, the number, quality, density, and mobility of the sperm will decrease, and it is difficult to regenerate new sperm.This will lead to reducing chance of conception and increased infant malformation rates.

● Drugs and radiation

◆ Frequent use of sedatives, anti -tumor drugs, chemical drugs in chemical drugs, furakera, hormone drugs can cause sperm growth disorders, sperm chromosomal damage and break; a large amount of radiation irradiation can also cause sperm chromosome distortion.Therefore, men who are in fertility should try to avoid long -term contact with such harmful substances and do not abuse drugs at will.

● Depression of sorrow and so on

◆ If the mood is depressed and the emotional is unstable for a long time, it can directly affect the function of the nervous system and endocrine, cause the testicular sperm function to be disordered, and severe cases can cause infertility after marriage.

● Insufficient trace element intake

◆ Sperm growth requires nutrient supply.Some men’s diet, partial eclipse, picky eaters, and do not like to eat animal foods (such as meat, eggs, fish and dairy products, etc.).Trace element zinc is hailed as a husband and wife harmonious, and zinc deficiency will cause the number of sperm to decrease by 30%to 40%, and even make people lose fertility.

● Active specific food

◆ Quit smoking and drinking is usually the truth that everyone understands, and some foods have never thought of many people.For example, cottonseed oil, thunderbolt vine (Chinese herbal medicine), and compound soup agents such as Xuan ginseng, winter, cold water stones, coptamia, and Xuanyin will all affect sperm function and reduce sperm vitality.People who are impressed by healthy and nutritious bean foods are rich in plant estrogen and excessive consumption, which can cause endocrine disorders in the body and reduce the number and vitality of sperm.For men with fertility, they must be appropriate when eating bean food.

"How to raise" sperm "to improve sperm quality?"

Some men find that their sperm quality is not high, such as emissions, abnormal pH value, and abnormal color.What a man to eat sperm has also become an important issue for men’s attention.Sperm quality can be improved through the improvement of diet and living habits.

● Eat more green vegetables

◆ Men prefer to eat meat foods to ensure the supply of physical energy.However, a large amount of meat foods, taking a large amount of fat and fatty acids will cause nutrients to block blood vessels, and the blood vessels of the penis erection will also be affected. Without blood supply to sperm, the quality of sperm will decrease.In order to improve the quality of sperm, men should eat more green vegetables.Green food contains a lot of rich vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, selenium, etc. These nutrients are very conducive to the growth of sperm.

● Eat more nuts and fish foods

◆ Men eat foods, fish, etc., can improve and improve sperm quality.These foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Frequent consumption can effectively ensure sperm quality and is also very conducive to the growth of sperm cells.

● Eat foods with high zinc content such as oysters

◆ Men should pay attention to eating more zinc -containing foods in daily life to improve the quality of sperm.In addition to oysters, there are zinc -containing foods, such as most seafood such as lobster, sea urchin, sea cucumber, fish eggs, shrimp eggs, shells, seaweed, etc.Can improve and improve the quality of male sperm.

◆ People often have men to eat oysters to replenish essence, and women eat oysters to nourish their face.This statement has a certain reason. According to the ingredients of oysters, oysters contain a large amount of zinc, which is an important part of sperm.Edible oysters can make men better form hormones to maintain the normal operation of the prostate, and raw eating is the best way to retain zinc in the oyster.

★ Low sperm quality is permanent, and some are temporary.There are many reasons for the low quality of sperm, including sex diseases, alcoholism, smoking, overloaded work, high temperature environment, excessive underwear, insomnia, work and emotional pressure.Patients can improve sperm quality through a healthy lifestyle.

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