How to regulate and recover quickly after abortion?

Tang Seng Shi apprentice to Xiliang Women’s Country,

Seeing that the river was thirsty for a while, he took a bowl to eat.

Master eats a few and a few,

After taking over the eight precepts, I drove it with a lot.

Without half of the hour, the pain is difficult to ban,

The two’s belly gradually became bigger.

A mother -in -law said:

"The Qingshui River in the east is called to be a son -in -law. After eating water, I feel abdominal pain."

"If you go to Yingyang Pavilion to take a double shadow on the side of the fetus, you will have children if you don’t day."

Tang Seng heard the words, and was shocked.

Humming: "Mother -in -law, can you have a doctor here?

Teach my apprentice to buy an abortion medicine and eat it."

Mother -in -law’s finger:

"There is a bite in Xieyang Mountain in the south.

It took the spring water to take a bite before the fetal gas was solved."

Later Wukong took the back of the spring water and drank it to Tang Seng and Bajie.

The monk suddenly had colic in the abdomen, and only after listening to three or five gums of intestines,

Gradually eliminated swelling and turned the blood mass.

So, the daughter of the Tang monk, died!

The movement of the monk Tang to the present is actually called "abortion".

No woman is willing to have a miscarriage. Whether it is natural or artificial abortion, because either way will cause harm to women physically and mentally.

Therefore, after miscarriage, women should be better conditioned and recovered by their bodies, so as to lay a solid foundation for the future birth.How should women be regulated and recovered quickly after their abortion?


How to perform physical conditioning after abortion?

Although miscarriage is not as "confinement" as production, Chinese medicine pointed out that small production will be raised ten times more than the domestic production.

It means that there is a normal physiological process of abortion or small production (abortion of more than 3 months of pregnancy), which suddenly suspends the normal physiological process of the human body, which is more harmful than normal production, so you must pay attention to retention.

The first stage (week 1 after abortion)

The first week after miscarriage is close to the injury time of the body.

Therefore, it is forbidden to immediately eat large supplements (such as ginseng and sesame oil) in the first week, so as not to affect the shrinkage of the uterus and cause the bleeding problem to be more serious.It is recommended to eat motherwort to promote blood circulation and regulate menstruation, and use swelling to help the uterus recover.

The second stage (after miscarriage, 2-6 weeks)

After a period of time, the body began to recover quickly.At this time, the focus is on supplementary vitality and strengthening physical recovery after abortion. It is recommended to supplement more vitamin B12 and vitamin C. These two are the key to hematopoietic and can also make the wound heal faster.

In terms of food supplement, after the dew is clean, you can eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products and other protein rich foods and fresh vegetables rich in vitamins.

Supplementing sesame oil chicken or waist Du Zhong soup, you can also drink biochemical soup and Siwu Decoction to help supplement nutrition, restore physical strength, strengthen bone bones, and prevent backache.


How to recover quickly after abortion?

1. Maintain the uterus, pay attention to rest

After abortion, you should ensure sufficient sleep, especially after artificial abortion, do not get up immediately. It is best to rest for about 2 hours in the hospital for about 2 hours. Observe the shrinkage of the uterus and vaginal bleeding.

Women should rest in bed within 2 to 3 days after abortion, and try to avoid excessive physical labor, avoid a large number of strenuous exercise, avoid cooling wind and cold water within 15 days after surgery.

2. Relax and avoid the same room

In miscarriage, natural abortion accounts for about 15%of all pregnancy, most of which are early abortion (that is, before 12 weeks of pregnancy).More than half of the early abortion was caused by abnormal embryo chromosome, which is the choice of survival of the fittest.

Therefore, pregnant mothers need to be too indulged in grief.A good mentality is helpful for women’s body recovery and family harmony.

After a female abortion, it will only have sex after a month.Because the cervix of cervix after abortion has not yet formed, the possibility of infection in the same room cannot be prevented.In addition, the endometrium is traumatic. Once infected, it can easily cause inflammation of pelvic cavity such as endometritis and fallopian tubeitis and cause infertility.

3. Pay attention to hygiene, active contraception

After abortion, the secretions increase, and the vagina becomes a breeding ground for bacterial infections. Therefore, pay attention to keeping the sanitary and hygiene of the vulva, clean it with warm water 1 or 2 times a day, and change the sanitary napkin.

Take a bath and take a shower. Do not take a bath before cleaning at the end of the blood, so as not to flow into the vagina and cause infection.

The endometrium after abortion takes 4 to 5 months to fully return to normal. Therefore, it is very unfavorable to the growth of the fetus and future production.Both husband and wife should strengthen contraceptive measures and take appropriate contraceptive methods.

4. Medical review, eliminate abnormalities

Women who have abortion of drugs need to return to the hospital for re -consultation after one week of medication. If the embryo has not been excluded, the B -ultrasound should be performed; and those who are diagnosed as a continued pregnancy or an embryo stop developing, and should be cleared.

Women with artificial abortion generally need to review after the first menstrual period and clean, mainly to determine whether the menstrual tide is normal and the uterine recovery situation is ideal through abdominal tenderness, B -ultrasound examination, etc.

Medical research shows that every time a woman does an artificial abortion, the quality of eggs will decrease by 6%, and the function of ovarian will decline for 10 years.

Therefore, women, be sure to love themselves.

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