How to regulate diet with young sperm disease?

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Men’s young sperm disease is one of the important causes of male infertility, and young sperm disease has also caused many marriage and families to be on the verge of crushing.However, many patients still choose to have positive treatment. Paying attention to diet in life can also play a very good auxiliary treatment role for treatment.So, how to regulate diet with young sperm disease?Let’s take a look together.

Little sperm refers to a disease with a normal sperm in men’s semen than normal.The International Health Organization stipulates that the sperm of men is not less than 20 million per millimeter. If it is less than 20 million, it will be attributed to young sperm disease, and fertility will have a great impact.

The lack of trace element zinc and vitamin E is also an important cause of less essence.Those with zinc deficiency can take zinc sulfate pieces to supplement zinc, but because zinc belongs to heavy metals, too much zinc supplementation will also affect the development of sperm.Supplementary vitamin E can be achieved by taking pearl powder, because the content of vitamin E and various trace elements and amino acids in pearl powder is very rich.

Zinc and selenium treatment: Zinc element can maintain and promote male sex skills and increase the number of sperm.Zinc deficiency can reduce the secretion of male sex hormones, thereby incomplete sexual dysfunction and narrowing testicles, which affects the production and maturity of sperm, and eventually reduces the number of sperm and delayed the liquefaction of vitality.Selenium element is an important part of peroxidase in sperm plasma. When the content of selenium in semen is reduced, the activity of this enzyme is reduced.decline.If the effect of food supplement is not very good.It should be selected to supplement the zinc supplement that is easy to absorb and safely without side effects, and must not be careless.

In addition, Xiaobian reminds everyone that in life, patients should keep a relaxed and peaceful mood, do not have too much mental pressure, usually communicate with lovers more and can take some kidney traditional Chinese medicine.Smoking, so many infertile people can achieve pregnancy purposes.

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