How to regulate the blood loss and the cold of blood (2)

Hello everyone, let’s continue to talk about women who have blood loss and cold and cold today.

The ancient sages had given ways.For example, Zhang Zhongjing has a recipe in Jin Kuang.Called Jiao Ai Decoction, this glue soup is specifically used to regulate the semi -yield, leakage, half of the yield is that many people are pregnant.It didn’t take long to see the blood, and I couldn’t keep the fetus.Leakage means that menstruation is always lingering, and it is not close.This recipe is bloody, mainly bloodmate.Zhang Zhongjing’s recipe focuses on legislation. When we look at the method, we must consider his thinking.Siwu soup came out of the glue soup.Siwu Decoction is the ancestor of blood nourishing. Now when we regulate the blood, the nourishing prescription we use often uses Siwu Decoction.This is the most famous recipe in Chinese medicine.I think it should be produced by Sicu Soup, health care products for large -scale use. If women can drink it frequently, it is very good for the body.The composition of Siwu Decoction includes cooked ground yellow, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Baiji, and cooked land can nourish the essence of the liver and kidney.Bai Zhi is used to condense the liver nourish yin and liver, so it is generally used to adjust the liver.This recipe has a very good effect on women to nourish blood. It comes from Jiaoyi Decoction, but the medicinal materials in Jiaoyi Decoction are dried ground yellow.This dried ground yellow can explain the land or cooked ground yellow.Many of our understanding of medicinal materials now comes from Zhang Zhongjing.Zhang Zhongjing is from Henan, and Henan produces the ground yellow. Therefore, Zhang Zhongjing is familiar with the yellow yellow.At that time, it was written by the dry ground. When the Song Dynasty, the Taiping Huimin and the Dishuctua were included.

It is already cooked here.The yellow plane threw a mature land, and the medical books in later generations basically wrote all cooked ground yellow.The composition of Jiao Ai Decoction includes cooked ground yellow, Angelica, Chuanxiong, Baiji, Ejiao, licorice and Ai leaf.The square group of Jiaoyi Decoction is Siwu Decoction.Ejiao in the prescription has the effect of nourishing yin and hemostasis, which can treat women’s blood. When is the female blood?Blood loss and cold.Once women lose blood and have cold, they will have a risk of miscarriage, because ah, women’s palaces are raised by blood.If the fetus has no blood to raise, there will be problems with their survival, and they will be flowed down.

The leakage of collapse refers to the continuous menstruation.This situation is also caused by cold and insufficient yang.Ejiao’s blood nourishing effect is still very good, while hemostasis.What about Ai Ye is the wormwood of moxibustion.This wormwood is not fresh, we must speculate, we all use all the fried Ai leaves.This is learned. It is basically frying.In addition to the above -mentioned medicinal materials, with some licorice, this recipe is all.This recipe uses Siwu Decoction.In conjunction with the Ejiao acupoint plus the Win -Yang grass, the conditioning ideas are nourishing acupoint plus Wenyang.There are a lot of medicinal materials for this recipe for nourishing blood.Therefore, after understanding Zhang Zhongjing’s legislation, nourishing blood and warmth, we will be clear, so warm the feminine femininity is so warm.There are many recipes in later generations, but the idea is probably from Zhang Zhongjing’s Jiaoyi Decoction.For example, some recipes are equipped with medicinal materials with sparse liver, and then with some medicinal materials that promote blood circulation and traffic, and so on.Basically, this idea is getting clearer,

So what kind of inspiration does this idea give us?You must understand your body, you must know that your body is often affected by various influences to lead to Yang deficiency.For example, some women see that her tongue is particularly light and the color of menstruation is also very light.Usually squatting on the ground to find things, when you stand up, you will be dark.This shows that blood loses, and this woman’s limbs are always cold.The colder the winter, the same. At the same time, there is a phenomenon of poor memory or insomnia, in this case.If you are cold again.It is not right to condition with the thinking of Wenyang alone. What should I do?You must be warm and warm.It is only more effective in conditioning.

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