How to solve the problem of marriage and childbirth for one month of pregnancy?

□ Wang Xiaojuan (Zhengzhou University)

On May 21, the topic of "women who had found pregnancy for one month after joining the job" appeared on the hot search.In December 2021, Ms. Chen of Nanjing signed a two -year labor contract with the company with a trial period of 6 months.However, two months later, Ms. Chen received a notice of relieving the labor relationship, saying that she was proven that she did not meet the hiring conditions.Ms. Chen sued to the court and believed that the unit deliberately dismissed herself because she had a birth pregnancy one month after her employment.During the court trial, the unit did not provide sufficient evidence to prove that it was not qualified during the probation period.In the end, the court resumed the labor relationship between Ms. Chen and the unit.

The Labor Law stipulates that employers must not reduce their wages and welfare benefits due to the situation of female employees’ pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding.This is a normal legal rights protection incident, but it has aroused heated discussion among netizens.Some people think that the woman is cheating; some people think that the company is blame the pregnant female employees; and some people think that although the woman has succeeded in defending their rights, it will make other girls find a job more difficult and so on.

I don’t know when, the situation of women in the workplace becomes difficult.The reality, due to physiological reasons such as pregnancy, some companies will be more inclined to men when recruiting, and even when women enter the job, they will sign a guarantee agreement to ensure that they will not get married and have children in a certain period of time.The law stipulates that women have paid maternity leave, and Article 7 of the "Special Regulations for Labor Protection of Female Workers" stipulates that female employees can enjoy 98 days of maternity leave, of which 15 days can be vacated;, 1 babies have been given every extra, increased 15 days of maternity leave.If the female employee has a miscarriage of less than 4 months, he will enjoy 15 -day maternity leave; if you have a miscarriage for 4 months, you can enjoy 42 days of maternity leave.We can understand the concerns of the enterprise. On the one hand, the company’s salary gives the other party to want the other party to work well and create value for the enterprise; on the other hand, if a female employee is pregnant and vacated, the existing branches in the department will be disrupted.The workload of other employees will increase, and it will inevitably be resentful.

In this incident, it is not known whether the woman has deliberately cheating, but we can indeed feel the difficulty of work in the workplace marriage and childbirth. This is not only the difficulty of women, but also the company is also facing related dilemma.The female employee’s labor protection law is to protect the rights and interests of women, and if some people with intentional use this law, they deliberately conceal the facts of pregnancy, the company accepts it, then they can leisurely tires while getting salary; ifIf the company does not accept it, the employee is fired, so he reports the complaint to get compensation, which is a disaster for some small and micro enterprises.When some companies recruit people, in order to ensure their own interests as much as possible, they set a variety of regulations for female job seekers to make women find jobs.

For this incident, some netizens joked that "winning the moment, pit in Qianqiu".At present, it is unknown whether the woman’s approach will cause difficulties in subsequent women, but the contradiction between this incident focuses on the relationship between enterprises and employees.In this regard, the author believes that the root cause of contradictions is that the society’s guarantee for marriage and childbearing women is not perfect. When the cost of marriage and childbearing is basically borne by the enterprise and employees themselves, the contradiction will inevitably be triggered and intensified.This means that contradictions cannot be passed on to enterprises and employees to improve the protection of women in the workplace.Fear due to the loss of loss caused by employee fertility.In this way, it can better alleviate the contradictions between enterprises and female employees, build a friendly workplace environment, and create a positive atmosphere in the whole society.

Under the hot discussion, we should emphasize and defend the corresponding guarantee measures, rather than focusing on the contradiction between female workers and enterprises.We should not further intensify contradictions, so that women’s job hunting faces more difficulties. We should reflect on whether the social security measures in society are in place, whether the laws and regulations are perfect, and whether there are better ways to relax the contradictions, let the enterprise have no worries when recruiting, let the on -service women let the job womenI feel at ease during pregnancy.

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