How to take a bath during pregnancy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers need to pay attention to many things, such as diet diet, shampooing and bathing.This is because after pregnancy, the expectant mother’s body will change a lot compared to before, and the usual lifestyle should also make corresponding adjustments.Today, the parent -child network of Xinbei is about how pregnant mothers take a bath correctly during pregnancy. Let’s take a look together!

Generally speaking, bathing can be divided into two types: sitting bath and shower. For mothers, the best is to choose a vertical shower without a bath or bath.After pregnancy, the ability of expectant mother pussy and vaginal anti -bacteria will weaken. If you choose to take a bath, bacteria will easily attack the mother’s body through the vulva., It may also cause urinary tract infections, which seriously affects the health of expectant mothers.And if the interior or vulva is infected, it may cause premature or abortion, threatening the safety of the life of the fetus in the abdomen.Therefore, the editor of Xinbei parent -child network suggested that expectant mothers should not take a bath, and they cannot take a bath in the public bath.

When showering, you also need to pay attention to safety. It is best to set up a handrail in the bathroom to avoid expectant mothers.In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the stomach of the expectant mother is increasing. Standing with a shower may be more unstable and very hard. At this time, you can sit on a back chair with a back. At the same time, So expectant mothers will not be too hard.In addition to these, you should also pay attention not to pour the abdomen with hot water for a long time when shower, so as not to cause some adverse effects on the baby in the abdomen.

After the expectant mother is pregnant, the frequency of metabolism is faster than before pregnancy. The secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands is much stronger than before pregnancy, so the skin is more likely to be contaminated by bacteria. ThereforeCleaning some sensitive parts.Next, Xinbei Parent -Child Network focuses on how to clean the sensitive parts during pregnancy.


The vulva is the most private and most important part. Specific mothers must clean the outer pussy every day to maintain their hygiene.When cleaning the vulva, it is best to rinse with water and avoid using a lotion. You should also pay attention not to rinse the vagina deliberately, otherwise it may change the vaginal acid -base environment and cause infection.After taking a bath, don’t put on underwear immediately. It is best to wear a loose skirt or pajamas first, and then wait until the vulva is dry naturally, and then put on the underwear to help prevent itching.


Breasts are also particularly important for expectant mothers. Every time you take a bath, expectant mothers should remember to clean the breasts.When taking a bath, rinse the breast with warm water. Pay attention to the gentle method, and you cannot stretch your nipples or squeeze the breasts hard.Because excessive breast stimulation can cause contractions, this may cause premature or abortion.After taking a bath, expectant mothers can apply some olive oil on the breast skin, so that the skin of the breast can be more moisturized and flexible. When breastfeeding, it is not easy to cause nipple cracking and other phenomena.

3.belly button

The navel is a part that is easier to ignore when bathing. For the mother, the navel does not need to be cleaned every time, it is best to wash it once or twice a month.The method of washing the navel is that before taking a bath, use a cotton stick to dip a little lotion to soften the dirt in the navel. When the bath is bathing, the dirt in the navel is softened and rinsed with water.It should be noted that expectant mothers should not rub the skin in the belly button too much, which may cause the skin to wear bleeding and cause infection, which will cause damage to both expectant mothers and fetuses.

4.Behind the neck

Dirt is the easiest to accumulate in some parts of the human neck, behind the ears, etc. Therefore, expectant mothers must remember to clean these places that are easy to be ignored when taking a bath.But do not clean it too much. For example, do not rub it back and forth too much, so as not to rub the skin and cause infection.The correct way is to rub and clean with your fingers.


There are a lot of sweat glands under the human armpit. Many people are very easy to sweat with a little exercise. When taking a bath, you must pay attention to cleaning the armpit.When bathing, be careful not to use hot water to stimulate under the armpit, nor can they rub it with a bath, but should be rinsed with warm water with suitable temperature, and then gently massage and clean with your fingers.It also plays a role in promoting blood circulation.

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