Huaicai is like pregnancy. It can only be seen after a long time …

Having talent is your own wealth, and the record of talented Chinese is dedicated to talented you!

1. Huai is like pregnancy. It can only be seen after a long time.——Buzhongtian

2. The most beautiful gift is talent.—— Balcak

3, the essays of Judah are also, and the Zhi Zhi is also a furnace hammer.——Cqing · Zhang Xuecheng

4. The text is mainly based on knowledge, the idea of recognition, and the non -knowledge of Gao Zhuo Judu, there is no need.——Lian Liu Xizai

5. Digestion is the standard for eating; abilities are the standards of dry work.–Tibetan

6. For thousands of years in the chest, it is a source to Baichuan.—— Song Wei Yan

7. The book is rich in five cars, and the sentence is high.—— Ming Feng Menglong

8. Scholars are based on their knowledge, and they are supplemented.—— Ming Xueyi

9. It is impossible for a person to concentrate all his talents on his own.——Si Tangda

10. Intellectual craftsmen, such as the change of divineness, are strongly allowed to let the pen.—— Song · Dai retro

11. It is not our talents that work in the world’s advancement, but how we can use it.——Bresford Robertson

12. Behind a talented person, there are always other talented people.–U.K

13. Knowing what things should be like, it means that you are a smart person; knowing what things are actually, indicating that you are an experienced person; know how to make things better, indicating that you are talented people.——Didro

14. Only those shortcomings that know to control them are strong.—— Balcak

15. Only if you are confident first, others will believe you.——Baoming

16. Everyone will make mistakes, but only fools will not change.——Sesero

17. Everyone has talents, but when they can be introduced, courage rarely coexists with it.—— Eric Charger

18. Everyone is respected by their own ability.—— Iso

19. It is a sign of talent that can easily do things that others think of difficulties; it is a symbol of genius.——Ami Ell

20. Young people must first be ambitious and determined to make a useful talent for the people of the country; for this reason, choose a goal of struggle to study and practice.Wu Yuzhang

21. Do you have no treasure that God is rewarded. Do not destroy it.—— Guogoli

22. The talent can be created in silence, and the character is formed in the turbulent waves in the world.——

23. It is talent to easily complete the work that others are difficult to complete; the work that the talent that is talented cannot reach is genius.—— Amir

24. Honor is a good quality, so only those who are noble and positive or well -educated have.—— Edison

25. Honor and wealth, if there is no cleverness, it is a very unreliable property.——Domocyatt

26. If you look forward to success, you have to be based on your talents.–Soviet Union

27. The essence of life lies in death, so only people who are happy can really feel unwilling to die.—— Mengtian

28. Poetry must have three talents, learning, and knowledge.——Cqing · Fang Dongshu

29. There are many good books in the world, but these books are only good for those who can read them.— —— Pipin

30. Isn’t it pain in itself?—— Thomas Manman

31. Wisdom is the leverage that mobilizes the society.—— Balcak

32. Those who do not make money by themselves often do not greedy money; those who make money by themselves have one text and two texts.—— Plato

33. It is not the first to observe a new thing, but to observe the old, very known, or a blind eye to see a new thing, which proves that there is a real original mind.—— Nietzsche

34. Fortunes are in talents, not in property.–Iran

35. Why is it a hero?Consciousness to lead them.—— Qing Yuan Mei

36. Inflammation can test a person’s character; only the situation of the situation can show very gas festivals; the calm sea surface, all ships can be driven to win; when the fate of the fate is in the key to the point of fateEssence—— Shakespeare

37. Test whether a person has some kind of professional ability is to see if he can love the boring labor contained in it.——Loren Pilsl Smith

38. See you there, and the words are also there.——Dqing Xu Zeng

39. The talents buried at the bottom are really respectful. He is hard for a lifetime, and he is busy for a lifetime. He does not seek reputation and glory. There is only one idea to encourage him and work for the public interest.—— Creelov

40. The so -called original ability is to be imitated.—— Voltais

41. Three talents of talent, especially the sense of knowledge.——Lian Liu Xizai

42. Positioning promotes the development of creativity.——

43. All real talents are sensitive.——The

44. Benefits can be opened.—— Napoleon

45. In order to exist in the nature, it can often be obtained from inheritance; geniuses turn rationality and imagination into action, and rarely may not be inherited at all.Differences of sculptors.——Engsol

46. Being a long -term effort.——Fangbai

47. Genius is a special manifestation of intelligence.—— Balcak

48. Talent is the gold buried in the mine, so that the miners who can excavate minerals.—— Cai Ping

49. Only educated talents are free.——Elibik Ted

50. Talent needs sympathy and someone needs to understand.——Handeevsky

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