Husband and wife laughing: Mom said, kissing will get pregnant!

1 Go to the boss to apply for a rest, enter the office and hear one thing and say, "Okay, I will repair it tomorrow."

I quickly said, "I want to take a break tomorrow."

The boss stunned and said, "Okay, you will be repaired together tomorrow, you can repairs the toilet, and you can change it if you can’t repair it."

2 When broadcasting exercises do exercise, have you peeked at the person you like?

Did you secretly see the results of the person you like?

During the lunch break, did he stand in front of the dormitory window and wait for him to walk out of the cafeteria?

During school, do you hope that he is alone and accompany him for a short way.

How many moments are we have left for them deliberately.

If you feel the same, smile and smile.

3 My mother: Do you talk about your girlfriend at school?

Brother: No!

My mother: Why didn’t the computer bring back?

Brother: Let’s put school!

My mother: Shouldn’t you let your girlfriend playing!Intersection

Brother: No, she has it!

4 I almost forgot how to fall asleep in the era when there was no smartphone. I probably lay down when I was sleepy, and then closed my eyes and waited for sleep.Now lying on the bed and playing with mobile phones, trapped in the mobile phone three or five times, falling from my hand, and I have to pick it up and continue to brush.We always feel that what we can’t let go is some people and some things. According to me, mobile phones the most.

Shopping the street on 5th, I heard a few people who had been ridiculed from around, and the content was as follows:

A: Who can drink soup with meat!

B: That’s it!

C: I don’t believe you eat meat in the soup!

Ab: …

6 Supermarket buying aunt towel. The cashier is an uncle with a beard. Seeing that I took my aunt towel, "Don’t use this, you use the XX brand, I used it, the water absorption is much better than this one.! "I was a little embarrassed, and the uncle quickly said," I sweat my feet … "

When I was in college, two students learned Mosmic code for cheating in the exam, and finally made a small success.Finally, until the day of the exam, the two of them knocked on the table in the test room to communicate with each other, and the exchange was as follows:

"Will the first question be?" "No, will you?" "No, will the second question?" "No." "I won’t …"

8. My colleagues: I want to die.

Colleagues: Do not say that you are too mourning.

Me: I want to live!I want to live!

Colleagues: … it sounds worse.

Teacher: Xiaoming, you will remind her when you go to bed with Lili at the same time.Xiaoming: Oh, you know.Just the next day, Xiaoming said to Lili: Lili, you should sleep!The teacher is afraid that you will forget to let me remind you.

At 9 hours, my mother told me that I couldn’t drink the water overnight. I asked her: "Boil water at 6 am, can you drink at 3 pm?" My mother said she could drink.

I asked again, "Can I drink water at 9 o’clock in the evening, can I drink it at 6 am?" My mother said she couldn’t drink.

I said: "The same hours of water, the same storage environment, the temperature at night is more conducive to preservation. Why can’t the latter drink?"

My mother thought for a while and hit me.

10 men: Master is here, how much money?

Driver: A total of 25.

Male: Master, I ’m not enough money, can I get you?

Driver: Who do you want if you do n’t come back!

Male: Why don’t you believe in people?Then I will take this mobile phone.

Driver: You are not afraid that I will drive.

Male: I took your license plate number with your mobile phone.

Driver: Do you all take your mobile phone on the car and shoot the car number?You go, hurry up, you IQ, I believe you.

11 last year, I met the first girlfriend in my life.I love her very much, and she also loves me.One day I couldn’t help it, so I hugged and said: I miss you.She was frightened: Mom said, kissing will get pregnant!I said: But I can’t help it.So I kissed her.One month later, she was pregnant.I am a dad today, so happy!

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