Husband has been secretly given his wife a contraceptive pill, causing his wife to infertility

It is said that husbands and wives are the closest people in the world. People who work together for their lives should most believe in each other, but they also have some husbands and wives, and eventually become enemies. Today, there is such a couple.

Friends Xiaodong and Qingqing are a half -way husband and wife. Once, Xiaodong’s conditions were still very good.My wife is really envious of others.But this is such a person who plays a good hand but is bad.

After getting married, I couldn’t bear the loneliness. Xiaodong was derailed by chance. The object of derailment was still a KTV accompanying wine girl, that is, the princess.

He was originally responsible for human manpower in the company and has a gentle personality, but after a few years of staying in this post, he wanted to improve the ability to demand and let himself break through. After discussing with his wife, he transferred from the human department to the sales department to the sales department.Essence

It is inevitable that it is inevitable that the entertainment will be more. Various wine farms or KTV are inevitable. In such an environment, boys are really easy to become dirty.In this way, one day, he ordered a princess with the encouragement of his colleagues.

The princess’s FENG SAO made Xiaodong want to stop. When he left, the two also exchanged WeChat.After that, the two started various sweet words. Xiaodong was also a savvy person. She did not put the accompanying woman in her heart, but just raised her body.

However, there is no imperfect wall in the world. If you do n’t know, unless you do n’t do it, just half a year later, this incident was accidentally known by Xiaodong ’s wife. Xiaodong’ s wife was very decisive.Before leaving home, before the divorce, the son’s son was sentenced to Xiaodong by the court.

After the divorce, Xiaodong naturally did not choose to accompany the wine girl to get married. Later, after the media person, he met his wife Qingqing, and the two soon held a wedding.

Although it was a second marriage, the relationship between the two got along well at the beginning. Qingqing liked Xiaodong very much. This likes to far exceed Xiaodong and like Qingqing. In order to completely grasp Xiaodong, Qingqing has always wanted to give Xiaodong for Xiaodong.East regenerates a child.

But Xiao Dong has his own thoughts in his heart, that is, Qingqing treats his son’s attitude. Qingqing is very cold to his son.Lost the care of his son, so he started to have the idea of not your child.

With a condom, it was definitely unreasonable, and Xiaodong thought of contraceptives, so Xiaodong bought some contraceptives from the Internet online. In order to hide people’s eyes, in case, Xiaodong also changed a packaging box.

Whenever there is a intercourse, Xiaodong secretly takes out a contraceptive pill in the water. The contraceptive pill is colorless and tasteless, and Qingqing has no consciousness at all.

In this way, Qingqing drank for a year in a row, and the child had not been on. Qingqing always hated her stomach. To this end, she also went to the hospital to do a lot of examinations and found that everything was normal.The inspection was still normal.

Qingqing cried several games for this. At this time, Xiaodong saw it and felt uneasy. He found that he decided to stop using contraceptives and prepared a child to satisfy his wife’s wish.

But God seemed to be joking. When Xiao Dong wanted a child, Qingqing could never be pregnant. Until the end, Qingqing brought complications because of long -term taking contraceptives.Poison has penetrated the bone marrow, and Qingqing can no longer get pregnant.

Contraceptives belong to a hormone drug. After taking it, it will cause estrogen and elegance in the body. It can effectively inhibit ovulation and prevent the combination of sperm and eggs.The unbalanced hormone level in the body, causing endocrine disorders and hormone disorders in the body, will cause irregular menstruation, leading to symptoms such as increased menstrual flow and extension of menstrual periods. It will have a certain effect on the body for a long time.Symptoms of irregular vaginal bleeding.

Qingqing, who knew the truth, collapsed at a time, she didn’t expect that the person he trusted the most would hurt herself like this, and her pillow was lying on a devil.

It is conceivable that in the end, Qingqing also chose to divorce and brought Xiaodong to court. Xiaodong was sentenced to two years in prison for intentional injury.

Therefore, in this life, we must be honest and not lucky. Once you do the wrong thing, you will be discovered in the end.

Xiaodong derailed with the wine girl, thinking that she was just playing, she would not be emotional, and would not destroy the family. In fact, she was just thinking. Once she was found, she would only pay for themselves.

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