Husband is not "pregnant"?Women’s inexplicable "big belly" alert ovarian cancer

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Her husband trained in the field, Ms. Chen, 36, suddenly "big belly", her waist is getting thicker.At first I thought it was pregnant, but the pregnancy test stick did not have a "two bars", so I thought it was simply gaining fat.Unexpectedly, Ms. Chen’s belly increased more and more two months later. The examination found that it was advanced ovarian cancer, and the cancer cells had spread widely in the abdominal cavity.

This is not an example. It is reported that 220,000 women in the world suffer from ovarian cancer every year, of which 114,000 people die of this disease. Ovarian cancer is ranked third in the 3rd mortality rate in the female malignant tumor census in my country. 1.

Tang Jie, director of the first department of women tumor in Hunan Cancer Hospital, introduced that ovarian cancer refers to a malignant tumor growing on the ovaries, of which 90%to 95%are the primary cancer of the ovarian, and the other 5%to 10%is the primary of other partsCancer metastasis to the ovary.The size of the two walnuts is a unique reproductive organs of women. They live on both sides of the uterus like the "Queen Mother" of the East and West House.Once the two "queen queen" initiated the "coup" and cultivated the "rebellion force" -mine cancer cells, the nightmare of the ovary began.The "rebellion force" will also cross -border "aggression" fallopian tubes, uterus, accessories, and even the abdominal cavity. The tumor grows rapidly with the thunderbolt, and the stomach is more and more expanded, which is very similar to the baby.

Director Tang Jie pointed out that because the raw epithelium on the surface of the ovary has unlimited proliferation potential, there are many types of ovarian tumors, the head of the whole body, and the pathological type is complicated.Ovarian malignant tumors include several types, of which about 90% of epithelial ovarian cancer.According to the World Health Organization Diagnostic Guide in 2014, epithelial ovarian cancer has at least 6 tissue types.Because its early symptoms are not obvious, 70%of patients have advanced ovarian cancer at first diagnosis, and the survival rate of five years is only 30%. Therefore, ovarian cancer is also known as "silent female killer".If ovarian cancer can be detected early and treated in time, the five-year survival rate can be effectively increased, such as the five-year survival rate of early ovarian cancer is 80%-90%.

"For the prevention and treatment of ovarian cancer, early screening, early diagnosis and early treatment of high -risk population is the key." Tang Jie said that the early symptoms of ovarian cancer include waist and abdominal bloating and bloating, vulva and lower limb edema, menstrual disorders, and menstrual disordersOr amenorrhea, gastrointestinal symptoms, sex hormone disorders.At present, the most widely used screening test of ovarian cancer is called CA125, that is, the amount of CA125 protein measurement in the blood.The above two methods of clinical comprehensive application are used as early screening methods for ovarian cancer.

In addition to conventional screening, gene screening is also a more targeted screening method.The risk of the end of the ovarian cancer of the population is 1%, while the risk of ovarian cancer’s disease in specific mutant genes can be as high as 11%to 40%.Therefore, genetic testing of specific people, especially the BRCA gene mutation detection, is of great significance to early screening of the ovary, which is also possible for the screening and early diagnosis and early treatment of ovarian cancer.

Tang Jie reminded that if various diseases of the ovaries are found, early treatment is needed.In particular, the risk of cancer is higher than ordinary people. Therefore, it is important to actively perform ovarian cancer gene testing in advance, so as to take preventive measures and add a guarantee to health.

Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Zhang Shopo Correspondent Wang Lei Zeng Fan

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