Husband knows what reaction you are pregnant?Netizen: The entire pregnancy is inseparable

I had a room with my husband once and then my aunt came in advance. It was postponed until the second month was postponed for a week, and then I tested it. I squatted in the toilet for a long time and waited for a long time. I went back to bed again.When my husband got up to the toilet, I picked it up and looked at the two lines, and then brushed my teeth and washed my face and told me that it was two lines. I ran back to the toilet to see that it was really two. I was crying in the toilet.My husband later was afraid that I would run away secretly, and I couldn’t even go to the class. I squatted in my shop every day.

This issue: Husband knows what you are pregnant.

Netizen: He told his husband that he had no response when he was pregnant. If it was not later, he said that what he could not eat during pregnancy couldn’t eat it. I wonder if he didn’t want the child.Slip.

Netizen: My husband likes children very much because my family menstruation is not a month once a quarter, so the doctor told me that her aunt would be scarce and did not have to plan to give birth to my mother.My husband said, maybe I have no children in my life. He also prepared me. I was prepared for the first year of the Mid -Autumn Festival on August 15th.I was pregnant with a morning urine test. I was very light and very light pink. I went to the hospital for a blood test. The doctor said that he was pregnant for 56-65 days. He hugged me and laughed at night.Essence

Netizen: When I was pregnant with Dabao, I told my husband, mother, and lost me alone, sing K, and reacts the next day.He alone.There are old and young, and the uncle is still unwilling to pay for the two elderly people. He also takes his girlfriend to eat and drink at our house.That kind (he has a house by himself)!But my husband is still very good to me and Dabao. I think of us first. He said that if the little uncle kicks him out like this …

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