I always want to pee after pregnancy, I’m afraid I’m sick

Many pregnant mothers always want to pee after pregnancy. They will run to the toilet for a while, and they think they are sick. When I think that I get sick, I may affect my baby and think about depression before giving birth.The frequent frequent frequent urine in the early pregnancy is a normal phenomenon.

Why do you always want to pee after pregnancy?This should start with the structure of the pelvic cavity.Women’s pelvic cavity contains uterus, accessories (bilateral fallopian tubes and ovaries), bladder, colon, rectum, and the bladder in front of the uterus.The uterus gradually increases.The pelvic cavity is surrounded by hard bones. The space is basically fixed, the uterus becomes fat, and the position of the bladder is small. As long as the urine in the bladder is more, it needs to be discharged. This is the answer to the question.

Some women with irregular menstruation complained about "always want to urinate", thinking that she had urethritis to test urine, leaving more obstetrics and gynecologists to open a urine pregnancy test. As a result, the urine came out, and the urine came out.The analysis is no problem, urine HCG is positive, pregnant!This is to know that pregnancy knows more roundabouts.As an obstetrician and gynecologist, there must be a way to solve this problem?There is no.Many obstetrics and gynecologists learned that they would be arranged to work in a relatively easy outpatient clinic after pregnancy. However, frequently going to the toilet has become a complaint point for patients. Pregnant mothers have a black line: "I am also pregnant, what can I do?It’s helpless. "

Will this be the case throughout pregnancy?Think of October in October, if a large part of time is used to squat to the toilet, OMG … rest assured, not.With the growth of the gestational week, the uterus gradually increases, so that the pelvic cavity cannot hold it, the uterus will grow outside the pelvic cavity.After all, the abdominal cavity is so large, and the uterus wants to see it.Without the uterus grabbing the site, the bladder becomes a king of mountains.However, the good day of the bladder is not permanent. Before childbirth in the third trimester, the fetus will be exposed into the pot, and the situation of the bladder will return to the liberation before liberation.So pregnant mothers want to urinate in the early pregnancy and before childbirth.

Of course, not all the frequent urination is physiological. If you combine urgency, pain, urination, urine bubbles, hematuria, low back pain, or fever, you need to pay attention to it and go to the doctor in time.

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