I am 45 -year -old, and I am very strong with the current lover. He is very strong. I became pregnant soon

[Fans’ letter] I am just 45 years old this year. Since the divorce, I have been living alone, without the company of children.Until recently, I met a mature man on a friend’s wine bureau. He was ten years old and looked like a calm and strong temperament.

We soon found a common language. Our thoughts, living habits and hobbies are very similar.Soon after, we decided to live together. His strong body and charming character made me find the joy and happiness of life again.

It didn’t take long for me to find that I was pregnant.I know this is a gift from life, and I am also looking forward to being a mother.However, my heart is full of fear and concerns, because I know that I am 40 years old, and I will face the risk of many children at this age.

[Doctor answered] In recent years, with the development of socio -economic and people’s emphasis on career and education, more and more women choose to delay fertility.However, women who are pregnant after 40 face some special physiological and medical risks.This article will discuss the risks of 40 -year -old women with children from multiple aspects, and provide some suggestions and precautions.

1. Physiological risk:

Decreased fertility: As the age increases, women’s fertility has gradually declined.After the age of 40, the quality and quantity of women’s eggs were significantly reduced, thereby reducing the chance of conception and successful pregnancy.This is because women’s eggs have been formed at birth. As they grow, the genetic material of the eggs will gradually be oxidized and damaged, resulting in the ability to fertilize and bed.In addition, women after the age of 40 may have physiological changes such as irregular menstruation and ovulation disorders, which further affects conception.

Elderly maternal syndrome: women over 40 years old are risk of higher pregnancy complications, which are called elderly maternal syndrome.These complications include hypertension such as hypertension and early eclampsia, diabetes, placental incomplete function, and premature birth.Due to the physiological changes and physical adaptability of elderly women, these complications are more likely to occur.These complications not only have risks on the health of the pregnant woman themselves, but also have a serious impact on the development and survival of the fetus.

The risk of chromosomal abnormalities increases: As the age increases, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in women’s eggs increases significantly.The most common chromosomal abnormalities are Tang’s syndrome, and the risk of disease increases with age.This is due to the problem of chromosomal splitting unequal to women’s eggs, which leads to additional chromosomes during development.Tang’s syndrome is a serious genetic disease that seriously affects the baby’s body and intellectual development.

2. Medical risk:

Period complications during pregnancy: Elderly pregnant women may face higher risk of complications during pregnancy, such as early eclampsia, amniotic fluid embolism, and premature placental peeling.These complications may cause the health of pregnant women and fetuses, and even life -threatening.

Increase in cesarean section: The proportion of cesarean section may need to increase during the fertility of women over 40 years of age.This is mainly due to the increase in uterine function, which is difficult to successfully give birth.

3. Precautions and suggestions:

Comprehensive medical examination in advance: For women over 40 years old, a comprehensive physical examination is very important for women over 40 years of age.The physical examination can evaluate women’s fertility and physical conditions, eliminate potential health problems, and provide corresponding treatment and intervention measures.

Healthy lifestyle: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is especially important for pregnant women over 40 years of age.This includes a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, sufficient sleep and reducing stress.Good living habits help improve physical fitness and reduce the risk of complications.

Consultation professional doctor: Before considering pregnancy, consulting a professional doctor is necessary.Professional doctors can evaluate women’s fertility and physical conditions, and provide personalized suggestions and treatment plans.They can provide patients with professional guidance on assisted reproductive technology, old maternal management and prenatal examination.

Nutritional supplement and pre -pregnancy examination: It is important to supplement sufficient folic acid and other necessary nutrients before planning to be pregnant.Pre -pregnancy examination can help evaluate women’s physical conditions and timely discover and deal with potential health issues.

Periodic inspection and monitoring: Once you are pregnant, it is important to conduct prenatal inspections and monitoring.This helps to discover and handle any potential complications in time and ensure the health of maternal and infants.

Women over 40 years old do have some physiological and medical risks, such as decreased fertility, elderly maternal syndrome, and chromosomal abnormalities.In addition, older pregnant women also face the risk of increasing complications during pregnancy and increasing cesarean production rate.However, by taking appropriate measures and preparing, many women can still get pregnant and have healthy babies.The key is to conduct a comprehensive physical examination in advance, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and obtain the guidance and support of professional doctors.

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