I am happy to change the body’s changes in the 2nd week of pregnancy

From now on, expectant mothers can enjoy a comfortable mid -pregnancy in the middle of pregnancy. The baby grows rapidly in the belly, and the appetite of the expectant mother is also super good. The bigger belly every day makes you very fulfilling.Communicate with your baby, touch your stomach with your hands, and tell your baby how much you want to see him, and you can tell your baby about your mood.In short, eating well, sleep well, and feel good. Moms are a "three good" mothers every day.

important hint

Strengthen nutrition during pregnancy: to reduce the delay in fetal development, when the daily weight gain of pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy increases by less than 0.4 kg, it is necessary to pay special attention to nutritional intake.It is best not to sleep at the dreamer bed: The spine of the pregnant woman in the middle of the pregnancy is larger than the normal waist, and the soft sleeping Xi Mengsi is more likely to make the abdominal aorta and lower cavity compression and affect the health of the pregnant mother and the fetus.EssenceWhen lying on the side, the spine will bend to the side to varying degrees. Long -term continuity will cause abnormality and shape of the spine, compress the nerves, and increase the burden on lumbar muscle, thereby increasing the incidence of low back pain and leg pain in pregnant women.

Fetal picture of 23 weeks of pregnancy

The baby can be considered very strong, the bones and muscles have grown, and the figure is relatively well -proportioned.

The 23 weeks of fetus seemed to be more similar to the first birth, but more like a little old man at that time. He was about 20 cm in length and his weight was about 450 grams.Because subcutaneous fat has not produced, the fetal skin is red and wrinkled. The folds of the skin have room for the growth of subcutaneous fat.

His lips, eyebrows, and eyelashes have their own each. It is clearly visible that the retina has also been formed and has a weak vision.Below the fetal gums, the tooth embryo of the permanent teeth also begun to develop.Is this what you didn’t expect?To this end, you need to add more calcium to lay the foundation for your baby to grow a good teeth in the future.

At this time, the number of fetal movements has increased, and it is more obvious. You can hear the sound of a very powerful fetal heartbeat when doing obstetric examination at the hospital, which will make you have a very wonderful experience.

At this moment you may change

Does the friends around you say that you have gained a lot of weight? During this period, the expectant mother’s uterus has reached a position of about 3.8 cm on the umbilicus, and the palace is about 23 cm.The weight increased by about 5-7 kg.At this time, the fetal movement is even more obvious. You can hear a strong fetal heartbeat in the hospital for examination.

Maybe some pregnant moms will find that not only the stretch marks of the breasts and abdomen have increased, and a light red pattern appears on the thighs, and even the ears, foreheads or mouths are also produced.Some.You will also find that you have become a real "big belly wife". The belly is not only big, but also becomes very good enough. Maybe even some foods you didn’t like before can make you feel very appetizingEssenceThis is not surprising, now it is "two people"!

Three things you have to do

1. Stay away from cosmetic cosmetics

5 kinds of cosmetics that mothers want to give up during pregnancy: hair dye, cold and hot essence, lipstick, whitening freckle cream, nail polish, perfume and other cosmetics.

2. Do not ignore breast care in the middle of pregnancy

From the end of pregnancy, Mommy has to be prepared to welcome the small naughty fall.Good breast care work will help the baby’s heavy responsibility in the future.

If the breasts are flat or depressed, they must discuss with the nursing staff, so don’t wait until the baby is ready to breastfeed, and then he is busy and even given a big responsibility for breastfeeding to the "Mother Niu".Don’t forget to breastfeed, but it is the privilege of mother.

In addition, with the increase of the number of pregnancy weeks, the weight of the breast will increase day by day; especially in the middle of pregnancy, the changes in breasts are becoming increasingly obvious, so choosing underwear that is comfortable and supports the weight of the breast is not just a baby itself, but also the best baby in the future baby.Good care.

3. Surveying fetal movement to distinguish fetal health

The expectant mothers have such feelings. At the beginning of the fetal movement, it was very mild. It felt like that the belly was suddenly electric, and it seemed to be like someone was knocking on the door. Sometimes it was mistaken for the intestine to move. Slowly, the expectant mother had it.Experience can be distinguished.

Fetal movement is the phenomenon of growing in the mother’s uterus and an important indicator of the baby’s health.After 6 to 7 months of pregnancy, the expectant mother can feel the fetal movement at home, shopping, and buses in addition to going to the hospital for delivery regularly.Method is called fetal movement record.

The question you may face

■ Constipation causes hemorrhoids

From the middle of pregnancy, the quasi -mother factor’s uterus increased, compressing the intestines in the back, making it difficult to force during bowel movements, and the bowel movement was more difficult; and the gastrointestinal motility was not good during pregnancy, and the transportation of food in the stomach and intestines was 30 % slower than before pregnancy, so it was even more even moreEasy to cause constipation.

■ Be careful back pain in the middle of pregnancy

After entering the middle of pregnancy, the prospective mother’s belly began to have obvious bulges, and the movement was slightly inconvenient, and even back pain.

Causes the cause of the quasi mother’s backache and back pain include: hormone changes during pregnancy and loose joints; the mother’s physical center of gravity changes, gradually moved forward with the fetusPulling; excess water flowing to the pelvic part of the pregnant woman’s body makes the waist nerve and spine fail to get sufficient oxygen.

Therefore, when the prospective mommy is activated during the day, it is best to wear elastic socks and a bit of low -heeled shoes to adjust the center of gravity back.When you lie flat at night, you can put a pillow under your knees or hold your stomach with a special pillow.If necessary, you can also give appropriate local hot compresses and massage to do some exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles.The most important thing is to avoid standing for a long time.

Recommended for your nutritional food

Small burning sacrifice

Materials: 250 grams of pork tongue, 500 grams of pork liver, 150 grams of water hair magnolia slices, 50 grams of lard, 50 grams of soy sauce, 250 grams of vegetable oil (consumed 75 grams), 50 grams of fungi, 1500 grams of soup, pig heart Z50 grams, pork heart Z50 grams,150 grams of pork, 300 grams of fresh vegetables, 7.5 grams of salt, 1.5 grams of monosodium glutamate, 125 grams of water bean flour, 30 grams of green onion ginger.


1. Put the pork belly, pork tongue, and pig heart, and then scrape them and cook them. They are cooked, and they are cut about 5 cm, 1.5 cm wide, and 1.2 cm thick.Magnolia slices and fresh vegetables (vegetable heads, radish or green bamboo shoots) are cut into strips.Chop the lean pork, put it in the bowl, add a little salt, water bean flour and mix well, and fry into a meatballs in the 80 % hot oil pan.The bacteria are swollen with water, was washed, cut into slices, and drifted up in water.

2. Place the stir -frying pot on the fire and burn it to 50 % of the heat, first add the onion, Jiang Yi’s salt, soy sauce, meatballs, mixing soup, and then pour the soup in the pot.Essence

3. Burn pork belly and pork tongue for about half an hour and add fungi and magnolia slices.Burn for about half an hour, and then add vegetables and burn.When the stomach is rotten and the vegetables are cooked, then the water is lamented, hooking into two -running, and the lower MSG starts.

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