I am more than 5 hours of pregnancy and 5 hours of pregnancy. Doctor: It will increase the risk of premature birth

Fu Yan, Yang Yang

Li Lili, a 40 -year -old pregnant woman who was 80 months pregnant, took more than 5 hours to complete the full competition of the Shanghai International Marathon.Many netizens have discussing this: it is not suitable for strenuous exercise during the third trimester, not to mention the marathon competition of more than 42 kilometers. Is this approach a "irresponsible" for the baby?In this regard, Li Lili told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter yesterday that as a marathon elite runner, she had evaluated her body before the game and had a lot of confidence to participate in the competition.Maternal and gynecologists do not recommend horses during pregnancy, and remind so that it is easy to increase the risk of premature birth.

The goal of pregnant women’s horse rating is finished

Li Lili told Beiqing Daily reporters that her results this year’s Shanghai Marathon is 5 hours, 17 minutes and 30 seconds."My goal this time is not to pursue results, but to ensure that the game is finished." Li Lili said, "In the second half of the game, my pace is relatively slow, and there have been runners along the way.In the game, he was relatively fast. After finishing the game first, he returned to accompany me until I ran the end. "

Li Lili told Beiqing Daily reporter that she is now a movie screenwriter and a marathon runner. "I started to contact running around 2011.The way to adjust it. "Li Lili said," I and my lover also knew through running. He was an engineer of repairing the aircraft. At that time, we accompanied the runners of the visually impaired and met. "

Li Lili is 40 years old. It is the first time to be pregnant. Although she has been pregnant for 8 months, it is not particularly obvious in appearance. "This is the third marathon during my pregnancy.The marathon in Huangshan Dian County ran to the New Zealand Dintin Marathon at 22 weeks of pregnancy. The Shanghai Marathon is the third time. "

The registration of pregnant women has not been completely banned

A full marathon distance is more than 42 kilometers, and ordinary people are generally difficult to complete the game, let alone pregnant women who are 8 months pregnant.The reporter from the Beijing Youth Daily learned from the Shanghai International Marathon Organizing Committee that they stated in the registration notice that coronary arteries and severe arrhythmia, high blood sugar or too low diabetes, and pregnancy should not sign up for marathon competitions.However, "inappropriate" registration has not been completely prohibited from registering for pregnant women.

Li Lili told Beiqing Daily reporters that after the baby in the belly completed the full marathon, many people did question, and some netizens even commented that she was "hurting the baby".In this regard, Li Lili said that her experience in marathon has been in the past 10 years. "I belong to the elite runner of the marathon, and it is indeed a special case." She said, "Before I was pregnant, I participated in at least once a month.The cumulative routine of each month is more than 200 kilometers. Pregnancy is actually unexpected. I have canceled and postponed a lot of marathon competitions that have been registered before. "

Doctors don’t recommend strenuous exercise

Li Lili can understand the netizens who have questioned, but they believe that they did not have the exact basis. "I checked a lot of information before the game, and also evaluated the body. There were many pregnant women who completed the full marathon before."After the game, both Li Lili and the fetus were in normal state.

Regarding Li Lili’s behavior, the obstetrician and gynecologist said that it is not recommended that women participate in strenuous sports such as marathon during pregnancy.Especially for a few hours of running, it will increase physical load and easily increase the risk of premature birth. "

Text/Newspaper reporter Fu Xun

Intern reporter Yang Yang

Responsible editor: Li Qingyun

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