I am pregnant, and I have menstruation.

The patients who have met, who have been pregnant for more than 56 days, often feel weak, anorexia, drowsiness and other symptoms; suddenly found that the underwear has blood, thinking that "seeing red", hurry up the hospital for treatment.After the doctor checked the examination, I went back to rest, but the menstruation came, and Chinese medicine called it "Qi Jing".

There are also newlywed couples who have symptoms of early pregnancy after marriage, but they do not know that they come to the "menstruation" on time every month and check their bodies before they find that they are pregnant.

I also know that I am pregnant. I feel that there is nothing uncomfortable.Finally, due to insufficient attention, miscarriage occurs.

In fact, the "stimulus" and "tire leak (threatened abortion)" are different: "

The stimulus is bloody, and menstruation is performed on a monthly period.Modern medicine believes that the tingling meridian may be a physiological reaction of pregnant eggs. The choric membrane promoter gonadotropin produced by pregnant mothers cannot convert menstrual luteal into pregnancy luteal. Ovarian function continues to move., A small part of the uterine endometrium is in a state of activity, affected by ovarian hormones, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs on a monthly basis.Generally, 3-4 months of pregnancy, sex hormones are secreted by the placenta, and periodic bleeding is no longer continued.

Tire leaks (threatened abortion) are irregularities such as weak qi and blood, kidney deficiency, blood fever and other reasons after pregnancy.Color red or light red, or brown;Modern medicine believes that the cause of tire leakage is complicated, endocrine factors, infections, genetic, genital abnormalities, excessive mental stimuli, immune function, environmental factors, etc., will affect embryo beds or reduce the immune to the fetus to the fetusDipping and bleeding from vagina.

How can you know that you are stimulating?

1. It usually occurs in 1-3 months of pregnancy; generally does not exceed 4 months after pregnancy.

2. After pregnancy, vaginal bleeding and red red;

3. Comparison of normal menstruation, the stimulus manication shows that the amount of bleeding is small and the duration is short;

4. Disclosure such as abdominal pain, backache, lower abdomen swelling.

If you are pregnant shortly, a small amount of vaginal bleeding occurs during the previous menstrual period, and there is no other discomfort, it is likely to be excited.

Fetal leakage is a threatened of abortion, a pathological phenomenon, and is qualitatively different from the "stimulus"; the "excitement" is not a problem. It has no adverse effects on pregnant mothers and baby baby.Essence

However, pregnant mothers need to be alert to ectopic pregnancy and threatened abortion; how different the aura abortion has been described.The vaginal bleeding of ectopic pregnancy has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle. Continuous bleeding, accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, lower abdomen swelling

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