I am pregnant!

I am 28 years old this year. Today is the 24th week of my pregnancy and 3 days.

Mr. Chen and I officially became husband and wife on November 3, 2020. Since I am in two different cities and are used to a person’s life, we are not very strong for our children’s expectations after marriage.Despite the words of the use of the family, the boss of me is not small. By the way, Mr. Chen gave birth to two years older than me.

After marriage, because of considering that the two places could not be separated for a long time, I quit my previous job after the New Year. I came to Mr. Chen and tried to find some jobs, but I didn’t find my favorite.As soon as the thing to find a job was delayed, I thought that it would be good to have a child during this period. This is good. The work did not find it, but the child came was unusually smooth.I went to pregnancy on July 2nd, and I measured two bars on July 18.

I just started seeing this my mind was a little embarrassed. I don’t know if I should sigh that my body is good or sighing that it is God’s will.So I posted a video and told Mr. Chen who was at work, and instructed him not to tell others first, after all, he hadn’t went to the hospital for examination.But it is clear that I underestimated Mr. Chen’s speed. When he hadn’t got off work in the afternoon, his relatives at home almost knew about it.At that moment, I knew that although he said that he couldn’t rush to ask for a child, in fact, everyone was looking forward to the child’s arrival. Since then, I have stayed at home with peace of mind to raise a fetus.

At 4 weeks of pregnancy, I went to the hospital to test the blood. The doctor said that everything was good. Let me go back and wait for the next examination. At that time, I suddenly had some small feelings.When my belly grows, I am about to become a mother.However, at this time, I don’t know. If a life can be so simple, why do everyone say that life is not easy?

You see, even if I am 28 years old this year, one is not naive, I still do n’t understand why people say that in October, I was very hard. I just thought it was because of the pain during production.It is so unbearable?

Starting for six weeks of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction arrived as expected. I experienced the darkest time in my lifetime.I feel like I am a patient with illness, but there is no way to heal. Everyone tells you that you want to be strong. Relying on your willpower to support it. Every day when you open your eyes and stomach, you are crying and hungry.It will spit it all, and even drink water.During that time, most of my time spent in sleep. I only felt comfortable when I was asleep, because I couldn’t eat anything, and I even dreamed every night.Every day, I spend it drowsy and muddy, and I can’t smell any irritating smell. At that time, I couldn’t feel the joy that the child brought to me. I just hoped that time would pass faster.

I have always wondered why I never heard who said how torture the pregnancy is before I was pregnant, is I never cared about this, or because after they became a mother, the joy of seeing the child diluted the suffering I suffered before.Let them only remember those sweetness in their hearts, and then tell others.You see, this is the talent given to a woman in the heavens. As long as the sweeter you tasted later, the sweeter you tasted, you will forget the pain before, as if there is no existence, especially in the child’s affairs, otherwise it is according to the human nature characteristics of human beings to avoid harm.How can I choose to give birth to a child again after trying this kind of pain?

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, all the reactions were slowly disappearing, but the baby began to be active in his stomach.Maybe my baby is really a lively child. I feel the fetal movement is very early. At first, I murmured like a small fish in my stomach, and slowly began to punch and kick.This child’s extremely active act is slow to make me conscious as a mother. I am always careful about what I eat, and I often pay attention to the safety of my feet when walking.Maybe every woman who is about to become a mother will be the case. Every day, she eats things she does not like to eat for her children. Every day in her mind, I imagine that the baby is male or female. What does it look like?big.We seem to have become a glass -hearted mother from the hearty person, and we have always suffered losses and thought about it.But it seems that we have become a lot of responsibility, because we are about to become a mother of a weak life, and we must use all our best to protect his growth.

Today is the 24th weeks of my pregnancy for 3 days. In the process of becoming a mother, my baby also worked very hard, and every time our examination was smooth.So you see, all the fetuses in the mother’s belly are also growing up to be able to see their mother’s hard work. Should our expectant mothers be stronger?

I know that the suffering of pregnant in October is not really hard to suffer in person, but if you are ready to welcome a new life, you must become stronger and try to adjust your mentality. After all, you have to adjust your mentality. After allYour baby also worked very hard to come to you. One body and two heartbeats. What a magical thing is this? Therefore, despite the hard work, you must also enjoy the process of breeding. I look forward to our babies to be safe.Healthy birth!

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