I am the most favored concubine in the palace. After the accidental pregnancy, I have a mind.

"Putting Rotten Girls Pregnancy"

I am the most favored concubine in the palace.

After I was pregnant, I had mental skills.

The emperor touched my belly, "Although the child is not mine, the daughter -in -law is mine!"

"Being a man is still a little confused."

"Can’t you get the end without blood relationship?!"


The text comes from Zhihu "The Bad Women Are Pregnancy"


I am the first rotten girl in Beijing, and my lifetime goal has only one.

That is to marry the emperor and give him a monkey.

But I have to say that my way to enter the palace is actually very difficult to follow.

But I didn’t take much effort.

After all, I have a good daddy with a unique vision.

Therefore, when Shen Yu was still digging wild vegetables in the cold palace, he was a bamboo horse with me.

Then my father had nothing to do with the six generals, and it was easy to send the first emperor Shen Yu to the throne.

Naturally, I became his concubine smoothly.

But the century -old goal has only taken the first step.As for having a monkey, I can only be anxious.

Because of Shen Yu, he never has the same room with me.

But he was lucky to be Liu Meiren everywhere.

As for why I know, because of the scratch on his neck, you need two pairs to cover it!

Seeing that the performance was hopeless at the end of the year, I couldn’t help it.

I asked my father to ask for the good "Thousand Miles" on the two altars, and then … I successfully drunk Shen Yu.

Of course, I didn’t sober.

Before I lost my consciousness, I was still thinking, this wine is so great!

But when I opened my eyes and saw a difficult Shen Yu and me who was inaccurate, I laughed.

Who said that I couldn’t get up when I left my father?Isn’t this opportunity to show up?

Ignoring Shen Yuhei’s face like the bottom of the pot, I raised a "tire".

Hard work pays off.

Under the maintenance of a whole thirty bowl of fetal medicine, I was finally pregnant.

But my fetus is a little bit inexplicable, I seem to … with my mind?

For example, Shen Yu touched my belly with a smile, but she murmured, "Can two women get pregnant?"

I thought I heard it wrong, but the next second.

"No matter what! Although the child is not mine, but the daughter -in -law is mine!"

"It’s better to be a person."

"Can’t you get the end without blood relationship?"


I grew up and looked at a serious man in front of me.

He looked dignified, but when he looked at me, his eyes were full of stars.

"Jin’an, who do you say that children will be more?"

It looks like a good husband who is considerate.

But there was a sigh in my ear.

"I am old, and I should find my shadow from someone else’s children."



I was lying on the bed and thinking about my life, and I didn’t even know when Shen Yu left.

After all, my head is full of "female … female! My father is optimistic about the dragon, it turned out to be a woman!"

But I didn’t clean it for a while, because of my deadly opponent, Liu Meiren came.

Although I don’t want to fight with her every time I meet.

But unfortunately, Shen Yu’s harem was only two of us.

So if you do n’t fight palace, do you want me and Shen Yu, will you only pull people to play the leaves?

But today I am abnormal.

I pulled Liu Meiren’s hand excitedly, "I’m pregnant!"

Liu Meiren was frightened by me, but she was a person who had seen the wind and waves.

She quickly reacted, and pushed my hand disliked, "What’s so great, who can’t be like who can’t be."


I just wanted to ask her if she found that Shen Yu’s abnormalities were interrupted by her deliberate and pretentious voice.

"Her Majesty said, I am still young, and I am not in a hurry to have children."

But the voice in her heart couldn’t lie to me.

"Shen Yu who killed heaven! Song Jinan was pregnant, but he only pulled me all night’s leaves?"

I was silent.

But Liu Meiren thought I was shy, and she ran away angrily.

I looked at her frustrated back, and had no joy in my head for a long time to win with her.

I am still awake now.

No wonder Shen Yu never has the same room with me.

No wonder he has to tie two silk scarves around his neck!

I never thought that she was a woman.

She is really … cheating my father so bitter!

But as soon as I wiped a sour tear for my father, I realized a problem.

Two women can’t get pregnant, then the child in my stomach … Who is it?

But I haven’t thought about it yet, and the father -in -law around Shen Yu came in.

I fell down from the bench.

After finishing, is this going to punish me?

Dad … Help!


Although I don’t want to, I was invited to the Royal Study Room.

Standing at the door, I took a deep breath and took the footsteps as dying.

Shen Yu is a woman, and she dares not be more public than me.

But unlike my carefulness, this hall today is particularly lively.

There is not a minister.

It was Shen Yu … While he criticized the memorial, he talked in his heart.

"The word Chen Shiro is afraid that it is not a dog’s paw climbing."

"Jiang Tai Fu’s brain is not good, but it will flicker."

"General Li … it is better to remove the armor to return to the field as soon as possible."

"Sun Zhongzheng … It was not pleasing to look at him early, let’s do the nine clan."

His … so terrible.

I watched Shen Yu, who was criticized, and twitched silently.

But he continued.

"Song Yan is in the heart, it is a pity not to be the emperor."


In addition to my dad, is there a second name of Song in addition to my father?


So I kneeling on the ground "fluttering", "Chen Xun … Chen Xun, please your Majesty."

When the words fell, the hall was finally quiet.

Shen Yu raised his head from a pile of memorials, and looked at me ignorantly, "Jin’an? Are you here?"

I lowered my head, and my attitude was respectful.

But before I organized a good language for my father, the queen mother came in.

Come in together, and the father -in -law around Shen Yu.

He smiled and looked charming, "Congratulations to His Majesty! Liu Meiren is pregnant!"

I stunned on the spot.

But Shen Yu was not good.

He couldn’t stop growing in his heart. "Today, I was drunk, but this Liu Meiren was too bold? I didn’t even touch her fingers!"

But the queen mother didn’t think so.

The queen mother couldn’t get together, "Ah, mother can only help you get here."

This story comes from Zhihu’s "Putting Rotten Girls Pregnancy"

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