I ate a pound of Kimai Shrimp during the early pregnancy.

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Eat a pound of Kimai shrimp during the early pregnancy. Will the stomachache in the middle of the night affect the fetus?

Pregnant women can eat shrimp, shrimp nature is flat.

There are many benefits for pregnant women to eat shrimp:

First, iodine deficiency can cause premature birth, miscarriage, and fetal congenital deformity, so pregnant women eat shrimp to supplement iodine.

Second, from the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus has begun to develop bones. If pregnant women supplement calcium, they can eat shrimp. The shrimp has high calcium.Eating shrimp can promote the growth of the bones of the baby’s fetus.

Third, the nutritional components of shrimp can regulate the cardiovascular system well, which is conducive to the health of pregnant women.

Fourth, pregnant women need to supplement a large amount of protein. The shrimp is rich in protein, so it can effectively supplement protein.

The stomach pain in the middle of the night may be that the shrimp is not cooked or treated with food poisoning, or acute enteritis, which is mainly worried that it will cause contractions, but it has no effect on the fetus in the pregnant woman.

It is recommended to pay more attention to rest. Don’t care too much during pregnancy.For the sake of the fetus, it is best to be more cautious.

Shrimp can be eaten properly, but a pound may be too large.

Pay attention to the regularity of life when you are pregnant, maintain your emotional stability, pay attention to hygiene, avoid bacterial infections, avoid eating, cold irritating food.

During this period of stomach pain, you should pay more attention to the light diet, drink porridge, and wait for your body to restore normal diet.

Next time I remember what is delicious and do n’t eat a pound if you do n’t have a meal.

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I ate a pound of Kidai shrimp during the early pregnancy. Will the stomach hurt in the middle of the night affect the fetus?

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