I ca n’t check the cause of abdominal pain for 3 years. It hurts when I touch it. With Zhang Zhongjing’s recipe, I am happy to get a woman.

In 2016, a strange patient with abdominal pain had been treated. Small abdominal pain for many years. He had been inspected and treated in several large hospitals in Shijiazhuang. He went to Beijing Xiehe Hospital for diagnosis and treatment.abnormal.

This patient works in a hospital in Shijiazhuang in itself. It is the B -ultrasound doctor. Because of the repeated examination of abdominal pain, he can’t find the reason. Anyway, there is no organic lesion, and he finally gives up treatment.

When the patient did a B -ultrasound when the patient was given a B -ultrasound, he accidentally heard someone talking about the old god, so he asked clearly that the address went directly to the outpatient department where the old god was located for treatment.

A little sister fell in the sky, and the daughter made a good job.

Shi XX female 33 years old

Prosecution: I have left abdominal pain for 2 to 3 years every day, with tightness, can tolerate; stomach pain, bloating.

Consultation: Fear the wind and fear of cold, menstrual headache, no thirst, stomach pain, bloating, sore waist pain, good stomach, sleep, one line of stool on the stool day.

Menstrual period: The menstrual cycle is normal, the menstrual period is clean for 5 or 6 days, the color is dark red, and there are blood clots.

Other circumstances: a child, 5 years old

Looking at the diagnosis: the tongue is red, the tongue coating is thin white, the bottom of the tongue is pale

Cut the veins: Smooth pulse

A few months of a little guy

Performance analysis:

1. Exclusion: Patients with abdominal pain for 3 years, found nothing, have no abdominal cavity and pelvic inflammation, no effusion, block, and tumor.Pain has nothing to do with menstruation and does not affect menstruation.Therefore, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, uterine fibroids, and intestinal problems are eliminated;

2. Analysis of abdominal pain: Common factors of abdominal pain, inseparable from deficiency, cold, stasis, sputum, this abdominal pain daily pain, tightness pain, can be judged as blood stasis, veins can be supplemented.

However, the veins are slippery, phlegm dampness, and phlegm dampness affects the transportation of the spleen and stomach.

However, the patient’s tongue coating is pale, and there is a situation of fear of wind and cold.The spleen and stomach qi deficiency, the liver qi must be multiplied, so the abdominal pain, the stool is loose, comprehensively analyzing this case of abdominal pain is phlegm, dampness and blood stasis, and liver stagnation and spleen deficiency syndrome.

When the child was 4 months old, the child’s mother brought it to visit the old god

Syndrome: phlegm dampness and blood stasis and liver stagnation spleen deficiency syndrome

Governance Law: Nourish qi, spleen, expectorant, dampness and regulating liver and pain relief

Fang medicine: Zhang Zhongjing · "Golden Essentials"

Election thoughts:

1. The pain in the belly of the woman, the owner of the Angelica peony.(Women’s miscellaneous disease syndrome and cure the twenty -two)

2. The woman is pregnant, pain in the abdomen, and the owner of Angelica Peisha is scattered.(Women’s pregnancy disease syndrome and cure twenty)

Note: The sound of the pain is the same as colic, the meaning of the acute pain in the abdomen (from the Chinese Dictionary P434)

The circle of friends sent a long time ago

Patients took the clinic after the seven paid of Angelica Peony, abdominal pain, stomach pain, dislavative stomach, and if the disease was lost. The patient required that the Chinese medicine continued to adjust for a period of time, and the taste was good.

After February, the patient was pregnant and stopped taking Chinese medicine. After October, a cesarean section gave birth to a daughter.The patient and his wife have a child who is 5 years old and has a daughter.

I am still the young man


1. This kind of abdominal pain is common in clinical practice. Although Western medicine has exhausted various methods, there is no effect at all. In the past three years, patients spend tens of thousands of back and forth.The symptomatic treatment of traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine has only been used for a week. Patients do not have abdominal pain and stomach pain, and their bodies are better.

2. The old god did not deliberately treat the patient infertility. However, the blood stasis was flat and the phlegm was wet, the liver stagnation and the spleen and stomach harmony, the patient’s qi and blood reconciled, the pulse was unobstructed, and naturally it was easy to get pregnant.

Extended reading:

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2. The baby has a high fever for 3 days and a maximum of 40.5 ℃.

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