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There are many reasons for female infertility, and fallopian tube blockage is one of the important reasons for female infertility.If it is infertile due to the blocked fallopian tube, the tubal blockage must be treated to treat infertility.What causes the fallopian tube to block?

Causes of fallopian tubes:

1. Gynecological inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, fallopianitis, appendicitis, vaginitis, cervicitis and other inflammation can cause fallopian tubes;

2. Abortion infection

3. Long -term vaginal bleeding

4, unclean sex, often infected with various diseases due to unclean sexual life or menstrual sexual life

5. Other factors: endometriosis, abdominal surgery, appendicitis surgery, releasing and discharge rings, tuberculosis, etc. can cause the falling, edema, and adhesion of the fallopian tube wall.

Most fallopian tube blockage is caused by fallopian tube lesions. The most common is inflammatory lesions in fallopian tubes. The cause of fallopian tubeitis is caused by pathogen infections. The pathogen mainly includes staphylococcus, splin bacteria, E. coli, gonorrhizal, miomorphus, pneumococcus,,,,,,, pneumococcus,,,, pneumococcus,,,,, pneumococcus,,,, pneumococcus,,,, pneumococcal,,,, pneumococcus,, pneumococcal,,,, pneumococcus,, pneumococcal,,, pneumococcus,,, pneumococcus,, pneumococcus,,, pneumococcus,, pneumococcus,, pneumococcus,,, pneumococcus,, pneumococcal,,Caused by chlamydia, due to inflammatory adhesion, can cause the fallopian tubes, occlusion, egg tube inflammation, and pelvic peritonitis, cervicitis, endometritis, etc., pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. will also cause the fallopian tube mucosa to be destroyed, scarringOr block.This inflammation is often excessive and short -lived, but the fallopian tube blockage caused by infectious inflammation will be permanent and cannot be healed.

Wallopian clogging can cause women with irregular menstruation, female infertility, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, and severe fallopian tube blockage. Patients with severe abdominal pain will have lower abdomen pain, swelling and falling on the back of the waist, and some stimulus symptoms on the bladder and rectum.

How to check the diagnostic tubal?

Water tubal water: Water tubal water refers to inserting a tube into the patient’s uterine cavity, and then injecting the potion through the tube. The potion flows through the fallopian tube through the uterine cavity, and finally reaches the pelvic cavity.If the 20ml solution can be injected smoothly and unimpeded, there is no liquid flowing into the syringe after the needle pipe is relaxed, indicating that the fallopian tube is unobstructed; if the resistance is large, the solution of more than 10ml of more than 10ml after the needle is relaxed, indicating that the fallopian tube is not blocked.

Fallopian tubal film: Conditioning is one of the diagnostic methods of fallopian tube blocking. You can see the size and position and form of the uterine cavity from the X -ray and the fluorescent screen.Patients with smooth fallopian tubes can extend to the part of the fallopian tube umbrella, and the X -ray can be seen on the pelvic cavity.Patients with fallopian tubes can clearly show the parts and extent of the fallopian tube blocking.This method is currently the most reliable method for diagnosis of tubal unobstructed.

These two tests need to be done between 3–7 days of clean menstruation, and if there are conditions, try to do tubal angiography as much as possible.

Once the fallopian tube is blocked, it cannot be healed by itself. There is no way to cure the medicine and injections. Since the fallopian tube is blocked and cannot be cured, then a female friend who wants to get pregnant can perform a dredging surgery under the combination of laparoscopy, or you can or you can or you can or you can or you can do it.Choose a test tube baby.

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