I dare not give birth to a baby in my 30s. I found that there are Zhenxiang after accidental pregnancy. I knew that there were a few more.

For more than 30 years before giving birth, I always thought that BB must be difficult to bring.

The baby will not speak and does not express it. If you are unhappy, you will only cry for you. It must be very expensive and laborious to take care of it …

Drink Grandma’s donut

I have not planned to have a baby at the age of 33. I thought that I could drag it for two years for two years. I didn’t want to turn around the baby all day. I also wanted to wave for a few years ~

As a result, after the accident was pregnant, my husband and I decided to give birth again and again. After all, I am not young. After two years of drag, I am really an older mother ~

Eat and eat asleep donuts

As a result, after October, I was pregnant and experienced the difficulty of production. For this lovely little life that I would bring to the world, I really lost my ability to resist ~

Is such a cute baby born?I can’t believe it myself ~

Sleeping super comfortable donut

The little guy is not as difficult as he imagined. If you don’t cry or make trouble, sleep when you are hungry, and sleep when you are sleepy, and sleep at night in the confinement, sleep until dawn, you don’t need to get up in the middle of the night.I woke up in the morning, she hasn’t woke up yet ~

This is exactly a pure angel baby. I knew that I could have such a good baby, and I should have given birth earlier. I really regret it too late ~

Raw yawning donuts

Looking at such a cute little guy every day, I am really happy physically and mentally. I ca n’t go out if I ca n’t go out.I realized the feelings of being a mother. I couldn’t understand what others said before …

I used to worry about breastfeeding very hard. Now I just enjoy it. I can actually milk such a cute baby.

Sleeping to surrender donuts

Every day I watched the little guy’s cuteness, and I was so cute when I fell asleep. I couldn’t wait to take her little face. My old mother’s heart, I have to make me cute ~

Little Dinosaur’s Glose

I had forgotten the pain when I gave birth to a baby before, and now I want to regenerate one. Such a cute little guy really wants to come again ~ Hey hey (● ° u ° ●) ""

Strive to recall what formula my baby is?How did you give birth?What do you eat?Can you copy and paste one directly?

The donuts in thinking

Such a cute little guy, I will laugh when I see me, my eyes are full of me. It is estimated that only your baby ’s little BB will love you so much ~?

When you think that you will grow up a little loss, but you really have no trouble when you see your cure. Cherish the time of getting along with the good time now, it will become a beautiful memory of your life ~

Smiling sweet donut

I hope my cubs grow up healthily and happy, and you really bring your mother an unprecedented experience. When the mother knows how to be a real mother, my mother loves you, donuts ~ Mata ~ (⁎⁍ ⁎⁍ (⁎⁍ ⁎⁍ (⁎⁍ ⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

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