I don’t know how everyone finds that they are pregnant?

I don’t know how everyone finds that they are pregnant?According to the experience of the two babies, sort out the symptoms of the early pregnancy in the early stages of pregnancy. If the following symptoms are several, you may tell you congratulations. Go and buy early pregnancy test strips to check it.

It is too surprised to come late at the late period of menstrual period

My menstrual period is super accurate, and it is more accurate than the high -speed rail. Theoretically, it should be easy. Even the boss was successfully manufactured within one month of marriage, but the second child was not pregnant.

I worked hard for a long time until the day of the two lines, and the Chinese medicine medicine I used to watching was watching my temperature record table, and I suddenly looked up and asked me: After menstruation two days later, did you check it?I said with a super bright smile: I just went to see the obstetrics and gynecology department. She said that I was pregnant, but I could only get it next week. I was discovered by me for almost two weeks.

2 The sense of smell is extremely keen

I usually have a keen sense of smell, just like a drug dog; when I am pregnant, I am extremely keen when I am pregnant. You can smell what the road sells.

I just finished dinner that day after the second child, when my mother -in -law and my husband talked to me, I always smelled the fish. I told my husband about this. I emphasized that the pregnant woman’s nose is very spiritual, and a little bit of taste.Everyone was heard, and he told me how could it be possible, but I wanted to say that when I went home, I had to check it again. The magical thing was that I couldn’t check it yesterday.

3 Sudden UPUP on the chest

It is a bit painful like the chest is about to come to the chest during the physiological period, because when women are pregnant, the hormone in the body will change, the nipples and areolas will become darker and sensitive, and the breasts may be painful and swollen, but these phenomena are normal.

4 There is dysmenorrhea

The first child was not experienced, and the menstrual period had not yet come, but the feeling of pulling my lower abdomen continued to bother me. Every day I went to the honeymoon and felt that that day was coming, and I even bought a sanitary napkin.For the first time to look at the obstetrics and gynecology department, the doctor said: Yes, the feeling of getting pregnant is a bit like dysmenorrhea.

The second child is also obvious when the pain is close to the menstrual period. It is obvious for a while, and the result is only one line; but in a few days, there are two lines. I can’t believe it.one time.

In the early stages of pregnancy, there may be a bit of pain on both sides of the abdomen, usually the pain caused by the pull of the ligament, because the uterus becomes larger and the ligaments are stretched. This is normal.Or gastrointestinal motility is poor, the stomach is prone to flatulence and unsatisfactory bowel movements, and even constipation, causing abdominal pain.

5 loss of appetite/want to vomit

The serious one will spit it out, and it will vomit more worse. My second child is more obvious. It is easy for the first three months to vomit.

Studies have shown that this phenomenon is related to the concentration of β-HCG (human chorionic hormone), which will stimulate the reaction of the vomiting center in the brain.It is usually the highest peak at 8 to 10 weeks of pregnancy, and it will gradually slow down after 14 to 16 weeks. About three -quarters of pregnant women will experience vomiting and nausea.

6 Suddenly turning into yellow face/acne all came out

I think this is a personal constitution, because some friends start to rush acne when they are pregnant, but my skin skin is actually okay. I may start pregnancy.I took it out, but when the boss was in the boss, the skin was really good. Even the lady who helped me make my nails said: Not only is it my nails, but my hair becomes shiny.

7 Why can’t you sleep?

It’s really not lazy, it’s why the eyes can’t be opened.

The doctor said: After ovulation, the body will increase due to luteal secretion, so that the basal body temperature will enter a high temperature period. Once fertilized, it will continue to high temperature. At the same time, lutein will continue to increase, relaxing muscles, and weakness.

8 falling red but not menstruation

The first child was one or two weeks after menstruation. I thought about whether to check it. As a result, I saw a little pink liquid in the toilet in the school.The next day, there was no situation that I expected. The more I thought, the more strange I was.

The second child found a slight pink in the toilet. I want to say that this time in the early four days earlier, I was canceled immediately on Monday.It was found in almost two weeks, the kind that could not be taken out).

9 The secretion becomes more

When I go to the toilet in my first child, I will find transparent secretions, which is more than usual but there is no odor. Although the second child is as much as the first child.

Doctors said that after pregnancy, emotional content increases the amount of secretion, leading to the increase in vaginal mucosal cell hyperplasia, and the increased mucus secretion of cervical glandular hyperplasia; however, as long as the secretion is transparent, slightly sticky but tasteless, it is normal.

10 emotional instability

Due to the rapid transformation of hormones in the body, the emotions during pregnancy will become less stable.Women who have a lot of sentimental personality are usually easier to cry and angry after pregnancy.But I was originally a very emotional person, so it was easy to be furious because of a little thing. It may not be accurate to see.

Finally, I wish you all the two lines.

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