I found fever in the medical examination of the factory, and I was worried that it was a new crown pneumonia.

The day before yesterday, the guidance brought a 22 -year -old young woman in the heat clinic.

I explained the situation, "I have no symptoms of discomfort myself." She added.

"Have you ever been to Hubei, Wuhan or Wenzhou in the past two weeks? Or suspected or confirmed the diagnosis of the new coronary virus infection in infection

What about people? "During the epidemic period, every patient who came to a popular kidney clinic was to ask the history of these epidemiological history.

"No, I am from Hunan. Our county has no epidemic situation. It has been a month since come to Guangzhou. I have never been out. The factory is preparing to start the work. Come on the medical examination. I can definitely have not been in contact with those patients." Patients. "Patients." The patient.Indicates that there is absolutely no history of contact.

"Then do you have any uncomfortable cough, fatigue, stuffy nose, runny nose, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea?" I then asked.

"Nothing, it is really not uncomfortable." The patient emphasized that he was not uncomfortable again.

"Your body temperature is still higher than normal body temperature. But not much tall, you have to find what the reason is."

"Isn’t there really a problem? My friend said just now that I have a fever. Pay attention to whether it is a new crown pneumonia. But I have no other discomfort. If you do n’t give me your temperature, I don’t know that my body temperature is high.. "She was a little worried to hearing me to find the reason.

"There was no disease before? Generally as you are as young, the most common cause of fever. It is nothing more than respiratory tract infection, gastrointestinal infection, and urinary infection. As for other reasonsThere will be other accompanying symptoms of fever. For example, respiratory tract infections, in addition to fever, there will be cough and sputum. Gastrointestinal infections will cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.Frequent urination, urgency, urinary pain, etc. If it is simply fever and there is no other situation, it may be that the disease of the disease has not been manifested. At this time, we need to do some examinationsShe made a rough explanation.

"There are no these situations. I didn’t worry about it. I just heard my friend say that it might be a new crown pneumonia. I am still very worried. I am not afraid of the general disease, I am afraid of the new crown pneumonia. Now this virus is so powerful. I still want to still want toCheck it, buy it, rest assured. "

"According to the process of wearing a popular kidney screening, it is mainly to do two tests, blood routine and chest CT." I said, while doing a physical examination for her.There is no congestion in the throat, the tonsils are not swollen, pus, and the cardiopulmonary hearing is clear, and the abdomen is nothing.No problem is found for the time being.

"Okay, no problem. Doctor, just give me these two examinations." The patient agreed very quickly.

I entered the QR code on the patient’s medical records into the computer, wrote her medical records, and prepared to open the order.According to the convention, no matter what the reason for women in childcare, menstruation must be asked about menstruation.In this regard, there are many lessons and lessons clinically.So I asked her, "When did your last menstruation come?".

"Doctor, wait, I checked it first." She took out the phone and checked, "It was January 29 last month."

"Don’t you remember this? If you last on the 29th, you should have a menstruation these two days. Do you usually go on time on time?" I then asked her.

"I usually remember it in my mobile phone. I usually come every 30 days or so. This month seems to be a little late for a day or two."

"Isn’t it pregnant? Is there a same room recently?"

"No, I have been married for more than a year, and I have never conceived my child. In August last year, I have not been pregnant for more than a year. I have seen it in your obstetrics and gynecology.The inspection said that I had no problem. I asked me to relax and I would be pregnant. "

"But your menstruation is a bit postponed. Let me check with you if you are really pregnant. This is a bit insurance. In case you are really pregnant, can you do a chest CT examination."

Listening to me, she was a little hesitant.I was thinking about not getting pregnant for more than a year.Now come to see the fever, and the doctor suddenly said whether to check whether he was pregnant.This curve is a bit big to her.Suddenly it was a bit unacceptable."Doctor, normally, pregnancy test is not a urine test.

Is it going to draw blood now? How much does this check? If it is too expensive, I still won’t check it.I think it is unlikely."

"When I was just pregnant, the urine testing may not be able to test it. If the blood testing, the accuracy rate will be much higher.Spend a lot of money to check. "I repeatedly explained to her."If there is no pregnancy, I will open the chest CT again." The patient finally agreed.

Before getting off work in the morning, she came back with the result."Doctor, show me the results." I took a look at the test sheet, but fortunately, I insisted that she had to take a blood test.The test form shows that the serum human choric membrane promotes glands 143.50IU/L (reference range: 50-500IU/L) at 12 weeks of pregnancy).It’s really pregnant.Blood routine examinations are normal.The reason for her low heat is clear.

"Congratulations, you are really pregnant. This is a bit low, which is caused by changes in hormone levels after pregnancy. You don’t need to do the chest CT."

"Really? It’s so happy. Thank you doctor, I want to tell me about this good news. Fortunately, you remind me, otherwise you will be troublesome when you take a ct of the chest. Thank you." The patient thanked you again and again, and returned happily.The home went.

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