I have a cold for four months during pregnancy, and I do n’t have good injections and injections. How can I survive?

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During pregnancy, the resistance decreases. If you don’t pay attention to, you will be caused by a virus infection. If you do not cure the fundamental problem, it will cause recurrence of cold symptoms. I am like this.

In the early days of a cold, I was afraid that the cold medicine was not good for the baby in my stomach. I just performed diet, what kind of rock sugar Sydney, ginger cola water, Luo Han fruit, ginger brown sugar water, and I had no signs of eating a little improvement. FinallyI went to the pharmacy to buy honeysuckle granules. I didn’t dare to eat it a few times. I finally improved slightly.

But one night the power outage was stopped. In the summer, the room was too stuffy. Dabao was soaked in the whole body. I had to open half of the windows after changing clothes for my children. This is the opening window.aggregated.

This time, even the anti -inflammatory medicine prescribed by the doctor could not take well, and finally had to hang the anti -inflammatory drugs for three days. Even so, the cold was still not completely cured, it was still good and bad.After four months of hardship, it was healed without medicine.

So here I advise mothers to pay more attention to my body. Before I was pregnant, I could be good at myself even if I did n’t take medicine, but I was really a very special period during pregnancy.

Later, I went to Baidu whether the hair dryer was radiated. Some said that some, some said no, but in fact, I agreed with one of the views.

In fact, as long as the electrical appliance is connected to the voltage, there will be more or less radiation when the magnetic field is used. Although many people say that the hair dryer has radiation, this statement does not have an authoritative certification.Keep the hair dryer away from the head when turning on or off, and do not use it frequently for a long time.

In addition, although I no longer take medicine in the late cold, I basically eat a fruit, passion fruit. This is what a mother told me because she also had a cold during pregnancy. It was good to eat this passion fruit.

Because it is rich in a large amount of vitamin C, and some mineral protein, which can improve microcirculation to a certain extent, and enhance immunity to antioxidant. It is more suitable for pregnant women, and it also contains a large number of dietary fiber.Promoting intestinal peristalsis can relieve constipation very suitable for pregnant women.

However, the taste of passion fruit is also very sour. If you eat more, you will have some uncomfortable digestive tract, so it is recommended not to eat more.

1. When you have a cold in the early stages, drink plenty of water to rest, keep warm, and do not blow it.

2. If the cold does not alleviate or even signs of aggravation, you should consult the doctor in time and seek a secure way to deal with it.

3. If the cold is already very serious, don’t dare to treat the baby because of the medication, and it is not right to treat it with medication.

At that time, I was so serious that I was suspected of pneumonia. When the doctor prescribed the medicine for me, I asked the doctor, would it affect the baby’s development with this medicine. The doctor said that you can rest assured that this medicine will not have any impact on the baby.I dare not prescribe it for the medicine. Besides, you are more serious. If you don’t treat it as soon as possible, it will have a greater impact on your baby, so it is important to listen to a doctor.

In fact, prevention is more important than treatment, so expectant mothers should do a good job of protecting during pregnancy. If you accidentally infected the wind and cold, you must pay attention to deal with it as soon as possible to avoid colds and treatment.

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